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     Sravanti Badam 

    Hi guys,
    Post your CAT 2014 scores here, your doubts, issues etc. and we will guide you in all possible ways regarding MDI process.

    Things to mention:
    Your percentile
    Sectional percentile
    Class X percentage
    Class XII percentage
    Graduation percentage
    Work experience (months)

    All the best! B-) :good:

     Sankalp Sharma 

    Hey OA 95.75 (VA 95 and QA 93) Any chances for MDI or MDI HR? And do these programs have different cutoffs?

     Sankalp Sharma 

    CAT-95.75, VA-95.1, QA-92.87, X-95.8%, XII- 81.2%, Btech-6.3,fresher ..Also Does the HR program have a different cutoff?

     Sravanti Badam 

    @sankalp Your CAT score looks good, so you might get a call. But you need to justify your low CGPA in B.Tech. And yes, the cutoff is different for the HR program.


    CAT- 95.96%ile (QA-98.03, VA- 83.83)

    Grad – 61.3

    12th – 81

    10th – 93.4

    WE – 17 months in quality control

    Qualification – BE Mechanical

    Category – general


     Sravanti Badam 

    @prajesh The positives in your profile: Overall CAT percentile looks good and the work experience is also in the related sector. Negatives: Verbal score is a little less. Same with the graduation percentage. So, let’s hope for a call.
    BTW the category doesn’t matter in MDI process, as everyone is considered equal. There’s no reservation system.


    @sravanti: Does graduation percentage cause a problem during placements? Will it be a factor for rejection by the interview panel?
    Also, I heard that MDI gives 70% weightage to CAT score, so do you really think there is a chance of a convert at my percentile?

     Sravanti Badam 

    @prajesh: 1. We can’t generalize things. Considering placements, some companies give weightage to previous acads and others don’t. If you are asking about B-school interviews, previous acads more or less matter. In case you get a shortlist, I’m sure you would be asked about “why 61% in btech” in the MDI interview. So, if you provide a proper and convincing justification, your low score won’t be a factor for rejection.
    2. It is a misconception that MDI has higher weightage for CAT score. I have seen people who couldn’t convert at 99.5+. So, if your profile is good and you do your WAT-GD-PI well, you will definitely convert.

     Anant Sanganeria 

    OA 95.12

    QA 96.14

    VA 86.03

    10th 93.2

    12th 92.2 (up to 7th sem) 9.01






    My CAT scores and profile is as follows :

    OA- 95.1

    QA- 92.58 and  VA- 93.76

    B.Tech. (Mechanical)  – 8.489 (CGPA) / 76.4 %

    XII- 89

    X- 92.8

    Work Ex. – Working in family business ( a metal trading company) since July 2013.

    Achievements- My team and I had been honored by Manufacturers’ Association of Faridabad for developing an F1 racing car and participating in a national level racing competition organized by SAE INDIA.

    Extra Curricular- I have participated and won prizes in Fine Arts, Literary and technical events at University level. I was an active member of the respective collegiate clubs. I am a budding painter.

    Please tell me what are my chances of getting a call from MDI and also the chances of converting that call. Awaiting your reply. And kindly throw some light on the IM program offered by MDI. I got to know that students have to look for internships on their own under this program. Is it so ?

    Thanks and Regards,

    Aman Bhatia.

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