NMIMS Case Discussion 4 – 2018-20 Batch Prep : The Doctor's dilemma

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     Abhirup Bhattacharya 

    Saving a man’s life is the foremost duty of any doctor. So 1) Rehan should not allow his emotions to get the better of him and should treat the general as any other patient. Without wasting time he should take the general inside and give the primary treatment. 2) After he has been stabilized, he should admit him in a hospital for further treatment. He should also make an attempt to hear the general’s side of the story about the rebellion. 3) Now since the general is a rebel and Rehan also has a duty towards his family and the anarsians , he should inform the police and let them take it from there. This will make the general realize his mistakes and maybe he stops the rebellion. He can try fight the injustice in a peaceful way. Violence doesn’t always get you what you need. He can try and conduct meeting with the anarsians to reach a solution.

    Was the general responsible ? Just my thought…. +1.5 …


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     Abhirup Bhattacharya 
    • The case is a three way dilemma Personal vengeance vs Professional duty vs Duties as a citizen
    • Possible outcomes of various paths need to be analysed
    • Team should come with the best approach
    • Examples which are relevant should cited – Sri Lanka, Palestine, Bangladesh war

    Just few hints  :yahoo:   :mail:

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     Rajas Chavan 

    The case mentions ongoing clashes between tungals and anarsians. Rehan, a doctor is faced with a dilemma whether to treat the general who is the catalyst for this unrest.

    Following perspectives arise:

    Rehan, being a doctor should stay true to his profession and atleast stabilise the patient if not treat him competely. However this is a rational thing to do.

    Given the human nature, a thought will cross Rehan’s mind as to why should I treat the person who is responsible for the death of my wife and family members?

    Even if I stabilise him, will he stop fomenting the violence that is the cause of numerous casualties of my people?

    The case also mentions, Anarshians having influence in government with virtue of holding important portfolios. Having treated the general, he will also risk government action apart from facing wrath of his people.l which can put his life in danger.

    However, the conflict has been caused due to alienation of the anarsians by the tungals. Hence, looking at the broader view and timely resolution for the crisis, Rehan should keep his biases in check and stabilise the general so that major stakeholders – tungals, anarsians and general(citing the help he was offered) are brought to the discussion table and a consensus is reached. In this way, a resolution can also be reached and the region can be brought back to peace.

    Drawing parallels from the rohingya crisis which has paralysed the rakhine state of myanmar, where lakhs of rohingyas are subjected to ethnic cleansing and no discussions are taking place between the government and the minority sect, thereby worsening the situation.



     Abhirup Bhattacharya 

    Well structured… almost summarizes the case. +2

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