Have a very clear understanding of what you want, Swati Das NMIMS Mumbai 2016-18

Interview with Swati Das

NMIMS Merit Rank: MBA HR 234

Firstly, congratulations on converting your call to NMIMS. Our readers would like to hear something about your background?

Thank you very much! I graduated from Birla Institute of Technology Mesra,Ranchi in 2014 and I have a work experience of 15 months in Accenture as an Associate Software Engineer.

“Why MBA” must be a common question doing the rounds these days. What was your reason for pursuing MBA?

I have always been inclined towards learning the managerial side of the business rather than the technical side.My role model is my father and I have always aspired to be like him. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, he is great at managing people at work, is patient and has a practical approach towards problems. In Accenture I got the opportunity to understand the working culture of a corporate environment. Working on specific tools and dealing with a few clients, I realized that my existing knowledge base has severe limitations unless I acquire further managerial skills. Thus, I feel pursuing an MBA will empower me with modern management techniques useful for the enhancement of business success of my esteemed organization.


Tell us something about your preparation strategy. What would you suggest future aspirants regarding the same?

I would suggest the future aspirants to have a very clear understanding of what exactly they want to pursue.One should be fully aware of his/her own capabilities. I knew that I was weak in quantitative,so I started my preparation in the month of May itself to get my concepts cleared and have enough amount of practice. I also gave importance to my vocab and bought books that could help me improve it in a quick and effective manner. Towards the end of my preparation I only solved previous year’s NMAT papers and about 10 mock papers.

Tell us something about your Case Discussion / PI experience?

CD topic -A bus has suffered from an accident very far from the city and and there were 10 people,we had to rank them in the order they should be saved.

I was the second person to speak and as I was sitting at the center I made 7-8 good entries into the discussion.I also made sure that all other group members were able to put across atleast 1 point each and that the group came to a consensus about the ranking.

PI-They asked me general questions like tell me about yourself and your work experience. As I had mentioned about the art of living course that I had done in college,80% of  my interview comprised of how my experience was and how it has benefited me in real life.One of the panelists asked me the difference between a manager and a leader and what do I aspire to be. They also asked me my reasons for pursuing HR and if it was my first preference or no.

How has IdeasMakeMarket helped you in your preparation? Would you recommend it to other users?

After getting a NMIMS CD/PI call,I was really worried about how I should start my preparation,what to read,what topics to cover etc..IMM really came to my rescue! Abhirup made sure that all of us had the same amount of preparation to sit through the cd/pi. The mock CDs made me confident enough to approach the actual CD with ease.During the mock interviews,Abhirup and Anuradha pointed out the areas where I needed to improve.They also made sure that our SOPs were properly drafted so that we do not lack in any areas whatsoever! The IMM CD/PI cracker is the best personalized program I have come across and that too at a reasonable price! I would definitely recommend IMM to all the aspirants who want to convert their calls.

Besides studies, what other interests you have.

I like dancing and singing a lot.I wish to perform at NMIMS as well ! Also I have recently developed an interest in cooking.

What is your career plan in the long run?

I wish to take full advantage of these next two years by pushing and challenging myself alongside the best brains in the country. I believe NMIMS will help me realize my long term goal of reaching the heights of corporate ladder of my esteemed organization.

We wish you the very best for your future !


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