Confidence is the key to success, Siddharth Maridi NMIMS Mumbai 2016-18

Interview with Siddharth Maridi

NMIMS merit rank : Core 416

Firstly, congratulations on converting your call to NMIMS. Our readers would like to hear something about your background?

Thank you very much. I am basically from Hyderabad and pursued my bachelors degree (B.Tech)in Electronics and Communication  Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru technological University Hyderabad. After completion of my B.Tech i have worked with Infosys as a Test Engineer for 43 Months.

“Why MBA” must be a common question doing the rounds these days. What was your reason for pursuing MBA?

Right from my B.Tech days, I had a desire to pursue MBA. After completion of my B.Tech, I joined Infosys as a test Engineer. When I was working with Infosys I realized the importance of management skills  and how it  helps the persons involved in a decision making role to deliver the best solutions to the problems faced. Then I understood how important it is to undergo a formal class-room training course in management course to gain the hands on experience required for survival in today’s competitive business world.

Tell us something about your preparation strategy. What would you suggest future aspirants regarding the same?

As I was working  with Infosys,  a multinational IT company, I was always occupied with work all the time.  I used to work around 10-12 hrs in the company and time was difficult to manage. I made a plan in order  to manage both my preparation and work. I used  to get up daily in the morning and allot 2 hrs in the morning  for my preparation . In this way i worked for 2 months before the exam and  developed a strong base on all the concepts that are tested in the exam.  After that I took regular mock tests and analyzed  my weak areas.


I would like to suggest future aspirants to develop confidence in themselves and never give up. Confidence is the key to success.Even if you fail in mock tests, analyze why you failed and give a try again then you will succeed definitely.

Tell us something about your Case Discussion / PI experience?

My cd/pi experience was very smooth and I thank IMM a lot for its help in making my cd/pi process a smooth one. I had applied for both MBA-HR and MBA-Core. In the morning I had the interview process for MBA-HR where we were given a case for written analysis and then a case discussion and  personal Interview.

I would like to discuss about the CD/PI experience related to MBA-Core.

At first we were divided into different groups and I was in group 5 and there were 15 members in group 5.Then case discussion process was started. Our group was the first that was called for CD process so we were taken to a room  where we had 3 evaluators and we were given a paper that contained a paragraph related to digital India. The 3 member evaluation team asked us to start the discussion. I initiated the discussion and asked the other members for their views. I played the role of team leader and I was successful in making sure that all got chance to speak on the topic. I spoke for 5 times on different views related to the topic. The process was completed and the evaluator asked us  to go and then we were taken to PI Process. I was the first member on that evening to be called for PI Process of MBA-Core. Firstly I greeted the panel. The panel consisted of 2 male faculty and 1 lady faculty. They asked me about my background and some questions related to finance as I had chosen finance as my interest to pursue in my sop and they were pleased with my answers. After 15 mins they completed the process and called the next candidate. The PI process was very interesting . It gave me a chance to demonstrate my knowledge. I was pretty sure that i would get selected  after the PI Process was completed as I have done my PI with full confidence.

How has IdeasMakeMarket helped you in your preparation? Would you recommend it to other users?

Firstly  I  would like to deeply thank IMM for their wonderful help in helping me to crack NMIMS Mumbai Interview . IMM has designed its interview course structure for  NMIMS Interview in such a way that we were well prepared in advanced to face the real interview. The  case study discussions conducted were very useful and  review of everyone’s performance was useful to know one’s weak areas. IMM also provided the list of important  current affairs to be known which were very useful to interview and mock Interview sessions conducted were similar to original interview.

I would like to request others to join IMM who are preparing for any MBA Interviews as IMM has a very well designed curriculum for all the Interviews which would help you all to get success .

Besides studies, what other interests you have.

Cricket. I am an ardent fan of cricket. I watch cricket regularly to get an idea of various cricketing shots played by batsmen and how to face the ball. I also try to imitate them when i play cricket.

When I am not working, I read various articles related to business and develop an idea of what is going on in the business world today.

Apart from this, I am a regular participant in Ramakrishna Mission Activities .I regularly attend various spiritual programmes conducted there and also speeches given by various dignitaries.

What is your career plan in the long run?

Presently my focus is on two years of my MBA life at NMIMS Mumbai. Firstly I want to learn the basic fundamentals of management and then develop knowledge of all the management concepts. After that I want to focus on summer internship and participate in competitions conducted by various MBA B-Schools where I can showcase the skills I have.

5 years down the line I want to become a Financial Analyst in a reputed MNC  where i can use my  skills to develop innovative solutions and  meet the needs of the various  clients.

We wish you the very best for your future !


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