Athlos: The Annual Sports Meet of XIMB captures hearts in its 7th edition

Sports play a pertinent role in the life of an individual. They spread the hope, good-will and unity among the people and are an integral part of education. XIMB, is well known not only for its academic rigor but an excellent sporting environment having state-of –the-artequipment and infrastructure for all kinds of sports. The stage for the seventh edition of Athlos, the Annual sports Meet of XIMB was bigger, better, grander and tougher than its previous ones.This year there was participation from B-schools like IIM Ranchi and IMI. Two corporate teams, of Infosys and Tech Mahindra participated in this edition. Apart from the home team,a team representing the alumni of XIMB also participated, providing a unique flavor to the entire event.


Athlos 7.0 spanned out over a period of 3 days from 16th to 18th October 2015. The event kicked off with a football match between IMI and XIMB. The highlight of Day 1 was the Volleyball match between IMI and XIMB which was won by the home team. Day 2 brought more enthusiasm to the occasion, with athletes bringing out their best performances. This day witnessed a multitude of tightly contested matches in cricket, badminton, table tennis, basketball and volleyball. The third and final daythe sentiments of participants and audiences were mixed, while the winning teams rejoiced their victory, the rest missed out on a chance to win. XIMB aptly utilized the home conditions to win in most of thecategories. The entire event was an enriching experience for, both the athletes and the students, not only in terms of getting to know more about the sport but meet new people and learn more.

The category wise list of winners during Athlos 7.0 is:

  • Football (M) – XIMB
  • Volleyball (M) – XIMB
  • Tennis (M) – XIMB
  • Chess – INFOSYS
  • Basketball (M) – INFOSYS
  • Table Tennis (M) – INFOSYS
  • Carrom – INFOSYS
  • Badminton (M) – XIMB

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