India’s Education system – The real truth !

“What is wrong with the education system of India?”
This is one of the most asked questions today especially in India. The form that Indian Education System has taken today rather makes one fathom if there is in fact anything that is right about it!

“Education is not preparation for life;education is life itself.”
-John Dewy

Education imparts an individual with the knowledge which enables one to traverse his entire life. It is the assimilation of knowledge which enable us to unravel the intricacies of life.  Thus Education is the advancement of knowledge and therefore propels one towards actual understanding of life.

However in India ‘Education’ is synonymous to Rote learning. Here “Knowledge is power” simply refers to rote learning which is the memorizing a few concepts before the exam, retain it for a short while and the spill it all in the exam paper. This so called process of Education prevalent here although does allow the candidate to clear the eligibility criteria by securing marks and finishing in the top ‘X’ percentile students, however does more harm in the long run. People fail to comprehend the importance of knowledge and are more interested in securing marks and therefore without a sound base cannot achieve beyond a threshold in their lives and hence at the end of the day, they have to remain satisfied with mediocrity.

The funny part being Rote learning plagues India however most people actually prefer this method of learning as it has been proved to work almost everyone who is successful today. And again success being directly proportional to individuals bank balance. It is a world of cut-throat competition out there. Students are engaged in an incessant intense battle of brains to prove their mettle, burning midnight oil practicing algebra and calculus without any clue of their practical applications.

Students dedicate themselves and only study to crack exams like IIT-JEE, GATE, CAT, and IAS. But what after getting admitted into the prestigious institute? Then what? Well of course it’s the implementation of ‘Mugging and Spitting’ policy again. On a serious note, the condition of our education system and its perpetual degradation is indeed pitiable. Students and are routinely scoring marks above 90% and a humongous number of students are doing this, thus failing to the colleges and schools of their own choice.


Allowing a few schools to crop up and private institutes to mushroom will not solve the crisis because these private institutions are more interested in providing sub-standard education and reaping their business profits while people are indulging in gambling away their parents life savings to earn a Certificate/degree which in all probability will lead them to secure a job with annual compensations even lower than labourers.
Perhaps the prime ailment of Indian Education system is the deep seated belief of the people who believe education provides one with the power and knowledge to escalate the rungs of the ladder of success.

Memorising is not and can never be equivalent to learning. Learning comes from assimilation of knowledge. Since forever Indian education system has always indulged in rewarding Rote learning above originality and true understanding of knowledge and this is perhaps the biggest flaw of our education system. Another reason is Indian economic condition. The people who indulge in the imbibing actual knowledge and understanding ultimately end up starving and are therefore forced to give up their dream and aspirations of pursuing knowledge.

Most of the Indian families are average middle class while most others are below the poverty line. People cannot afford the luxury of hankering after knowledge when they have starving stomachs to feed. Lack of awareness has has led most of the people in India who are below the poverty line to believe that education is a mere waste of time and money. Some don’t even have the money to enrol themselves in schools while others cannot afford to wait to get themselves educated while their families lay starving.

The poor quality of teachers who themselves lack a sound understanding of fundamentals are often found proudly practicing the teaching of incorrect ideas, ideas which they believe in and therefore pressing them on their pupils. Most of the teachers engage in teaching not to preach knowledge but as an opportunity to earn hard cash. We need teacher who want to make a difference, who love teaching and has taken up teaching to preach knowledge, not hypocrites with half- baked knowledge trying to hold on to their mantle.

Teachers, themselves not being acquainted with the different approaches are often found criticizing their pupils who are brave enough thinking creatively and thereby instead of rewarding them, the students are indulged to follow the more bookish ways and extinguishing the creative spark. Therefore I believe our education system must take these into account and must recognize and reward original creativity and innovation.

One of the most important factor which Indian education system need to incorporate is Technology.This is one of those factors which India is yet to embrace. With internet, computers and smartphones and tablets can be used as tools to deliver educational material, knowledge to masses in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Incorporation of Technology in the education system is of utmost importance and of immediate requirement.

Education has been a problem in our country since as long as one can recall. We are still stuck back in time with the same old ideologies which has kept us from progressing. Although several changes have been made to our education system, yet more than the good that has happened, things have regressed more due to the prevailing inertia. We need to make a joint effort to eradicate the ailments prevailing in our education system for without education we as a nation can never be able to progress.

When we step into the real world, it is knowledge that guides us and shows the light at the end of the tunnel. “Knowledge that is not only read but seen”. Knowledge cannot be judged by the amount of marks and scores we secure but by the embellishment of both our innate and developed skills. This knowledge can only be acquired by education oneself and only via true Education can one hope to attain enlightenment.


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