My MDI GD-PI Experience, Mohana Kodipaka

GD-PI Experience at MDI, Gurgaon (2014-16):

CAT Score: 97.9

Group Discussion

Should Business tycoons support any political party and vice versa (More on the lines of Mukesh ambani supporting Modi government in Gujarat –issue raised by kejrewal)

No one had a clue about what to talk. I quoted examples and figures substantiating my stance. I did extremely well in GD by sharing my views and also backing it with reasons. I read a lot about India’s development and Modi’s initiatives in Gujarat which I covered in the discussion.

Suggestion: Be well read. Have an opinion on every topic and also substantiate it with facts and figures. Maintain eye contact with every speaker and use gestures. Be a good listener and while speaking be assertive.

P1- Tell me about yourself
P1-How do you rate your GD performance
Me- (I knew i did the best among other participants but was trying to be modest) Probably 2-3. Others too had good points to make.
P1- smiled and said you are too modest
p2- sarcastic smile
P1- Tell me whatsapp acquisition by FB.
Me- told along with figures
P1- Well aware, Which newspaper do you read?
Me- TOI(I read Hindu, but told TOI out of confusion)
P2- which company does TOI belong to ?
Me- I don’t know
P2- Gave clue but i wasn’t able to guess
P1- Tell the symbol of TOI
Me- I read online app which doesn’t showcase the symbol; I am unable to recollect it.
P1- Don’t you think the news is biased and opinionated?
Me- Answered
P1- Tell me your 3 regrets of Life?
Me- Told.
P1- Are you proud to be a woman?
Me- Yes, Absolutely. Shared my views.
P1- Other calls and rate it?
Me- Answered. IIM-K >MDI>IIFT>NMIMS>New IIM’s
P1- mocked at my rating.
Me- Substantiated my rating and criteria.

Verdict: Converted. Joined MDI(2014-16)
Suggestion: Well prepared. Structured answers are what they are looking out for. Read a lot and be aware of the latest happenings.

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