Enter the Dragon- Business Process Management

Are you ready for Business Process Management? As the title suggests, it is not an easy task or rather is an uphill task. You will find many roadblocks on the way to stop, deviate, misguide or befool you so that you are never able to reach your destination and wherever you reach – you will be convinced – as your destination. These roadblocks will be in the form of your peers, management, superiors, juniors and everyone else. Very few process owners will seriously cooperate you in this journey and the less you are aware about their business process, the more troublesome will be the journey for you.

When you start Business Process Management in any organization, your first task is to understand ‘where-is’ situation for all your processes. You will have to meet all business process owners – again and again to get more into it. The key factors of “Where-is” would be:

Process Cost: It is very important to estimate each process’ cost once you start this exercise. If you don’t know the cost of a process, you can’t manage that process, and you can’t understand what is lacking in that process and you can’t chalk out an improvement plan.

Cost of Quality: How much are you spending for the quality portion of a process? Is it visible and measurable? Or you might have to dig out further to arrive at this part. The cost incurred on finding/fixing bugs or errors is one of the major parameter.

Process Throughput Time: If you don’t measure it, start measuring it. If you don’t understand how to measure it, or what is it? There are ample ways to understand it.
Training Time: You might be incurring cost on trainings, have a record of all the trainings incurred ready.
Internal Complaints: Your process might comprise of say Hardware Support to internal customers within the organization. Analyze the data to assign various parameters that will help us in concluding certain facts at a later stage.
Your ‘Surety’ about ‘Tomorrow’: If your processes are strong, your confidence will speak about it, if not, you will not be very much sure what is going to happen tomorrow. Check it – how confident are you?

Customer Complaints (External): If the same process or system relates to external customers also, collect the data pertaining to customer complaints and resolution time.

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