Spot the innovators

The rarest breed of people in any marketing team. The ones who have the craziest ideas and the most brilliant minds – the last ad for which you received praise was because of the innovator in your team. The question now is- How do you spot them? I mean how do you know whether a newbie is a potential innovator and encourage him?
The solution to this lies in the following steps.
1.The one who generally is not in the group.
While essentially this may not be seen as a great trait, yet innovators are generally seen as working alone. They are not averse to working in a team, but prefer to stay aloof and within themselves.
2.The thoughtful observer
Innovators in any marketing team are the best observers- and it is this trait which makes them successful. So if you spot an observer in your team, encourage him.
3.They think differently  
Yes not only with regards to work, even on normal issues their views are different from the rest.Also their dressing sense and manners can at times be termed “weird”.
4.Soft skin
They generally react more to events than rest of us. So bear with them on this issue and be careful about what you say to them!
5.Involve them in team
Though they are mavericks, they love being considered as equal members in a team- Only then do they churn out the best ideas. Be benevolent to them and you will never regret.
Food for thought: How did you spot the innovator in your team?

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