• Pragya Bang wrote a new post, Carve, don’t crave: Secrets of MBA life 4 years, 2 months ago

    Every person who steps into a B-school has three key aspirations – pulling off the best job, a stellar academic performance and carving out a CV that will help throughout his/her career. None of these goals are […]

    • Excellent article, thoughtful and detailed and straight from the heart. Hats off !!
      Though I found a it a bit on the generic side , couple of points (personal opinion) :
      4) Not trying to be perfect does not mean hanging out a night before an exam or taking an exam without opening books or ……….!! There is no pleasure involved in those situations. Easier said than done.
      8) Trying to be different isn’t synonymous to making an audacious presentation and risking your grades.
      9) Similar as above. Not necessarily the right thing to do. No offence but the friend seems too rich to be trying out all the gourmet buffets in the restaurants during mba life :P. Plus he must be quite a sharp minded person to have picked up books just before an exam and score well. I guess it has nothing to do with simple living or not copying.
      My favourite : 2 & 7.
      Happy Writing !!