What is the true goal of advertising?

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     Sana Shaikh 

    Yes,of course.. advertising is related to sales.Basically, a consumer has the control to choose from variety of choices available in the market and also a manufacturer is compelled to maintain its value of goods so as to benefit his investment in advertising. Advertising ,beyond selling brands and ideas, can also help making people aware about the societal challenges through public service advertising like advertising NGOs or awareness campaigns . It can be said that the goal of advertising is not only to increase the sales ,but to also improve the brand recognition and gain the customer’s confidence in you so as to maintain a healthy public relation.

     Abhirup Bhattacharya 

    @sana_shaikh I beg to differ slightly. Say advertising a product does not generate sales, is it not adding to the cost of the product and making it less competitive? The primary impact of advertising should be sales and nothing except that … brand building can also happen by delivering a great product.  :unsure:

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     Rishabh Bhardwaj 

    In order to understand the goal of advertising, first let’s define advertising. Kotler said that Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services via different mediums. Now, there is not a single goal of advertising. We cannot pin-point and say that only sales is the goal of advertising. There are different types of advertising like Persuasive Advertising, Informative Advertising, Reminder Advertising and Reinforcement Advertising, and all have different objectives. Recently we have seen a trend of Sad Advertising which was a kind of Persuasive Advertising mainly done to build a connect between the brand and the customers. Now-a-days, the definition of brand loyalty is changing. It is not just about repeated sales anymore. How your customers are reacting towards your brand (mostly via social digital media), their comments about your brand, etc. etc. With the increasing penetration of internet and increasing data in the company’s hands, advertising is evolving continuously.

    Now, we can say that in companies, every expenditure should be justified with an ROI. But if we see through this point, then not only advertising but anything which a company do is to generate its topline otherwise it won’t survive.

     shelly vardekar 

    Advertising helps consumers make aware of recently launched products and services in the market. It can be done via two platforms, one is the traditional marketing and one is digital marketing. Traditional marketing is still in demand, many MLM and Network marketing companies in India still growing and provide employment to millions. Also, digital marketing firms are growing in huge number. With the help of these two platforms to promote your business, marketers use innovative marketing strategies and the businesses are in profit.

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