Should Betting be legalised in India?

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     Pranjal Gangurde 

    Recently, in April, seven people got arrested for betting on IPL cricket matches. In world cup 2015, police arrested many people for betting on matches.

    But in foreign countries like Britain, betting is legalised as government can earn tax from it which can be utilised for growth of country.Betting is like Indian share market where there is lot of uncertainty.

    I feel, betting should be legalised in India. I would like to know  reader’s opinion on it..


     Abhirup Bhattacharya 

    My two cents towards it, banning has never prevented any illegal activity, nor will it ever do. Legalizing betting will on the other hand convert a large part of the black market to grey with additional tax income. But then so will legalizing the sale of Marijuana ?

    The problem is not in legalizing betting, the problem is how it is linked with hawala and underworld and its far reaching implications

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