Open Case Discussion 3, NMIMS 2016-18 – Rebuilding Brand Hockey

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     Abhirup Bhattacharya 
    The Indian men’s field hockey team is the most successful field hockey team in Olympic history with 8 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze medals. However, the sport is no longer producing world class players in the country.
    As a consultant, you have been asked to prepare a strategy for a 10 year period on how to rebuild the popularity that hockey once enjoyed and produce a world-beating team.

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     Swati Das 

    In this case our motive is to redesign and develop a new brand identity for the Indian Field Hockey and deliver a new face of hockey to the Indian audiences.We have a 10 year timeline to rebuild the popularity of hockey and produce a world-beating team.

    The strategy can be divided into 2 phases:


    • Re-branding of the sport and increasing the fan base and awareness through marketing as the sport has suffered from corruption, as well as lack of exposure and promotion.Promotion of hockey from the school level should be done.International stars from around the globe from the best national teams could be hired as brand ambassadors. Example: When the Hockey India Federation started the Hockey India League in 2013 there was a lot of fanfare.
    • Recruitment of players- build a team that had the right mix of the experience that comes from age and the raw energy of youth. Also transparency to be maintained in the recruitment process as generally the team composition is controlled by local politicians who lobby hard to ensure that ‘their’ players make it into the national squad.


    • Infrastructure development: Govt. funding and investment from big corporations can be used to build proper fields,buy world class equipment like hockey sticks,nets,goals etc.
    • Professional training to players: A renowned coach from outside India can be hired to train the players for world class techniques,nutrition and sports science.
    • Retention of players: Pay the players appropriately,,give them proper incentives and more opportunities  to play.
    • Marketing:Social media can be used as a platform.Create pages and blogs on Facebook, hashtags on twitter and connect with hockey fanatics.Provide them exclusive detail before a league or  match starts,conduct quizzes and competitions online and send them official merchandise and match tickets.



     Abhirup Bhattacharya 

    Superb analysis and clear defined solution ! Missing areas budget and evaluation of targets and how you will monitor them

    + 5 great start  :good:

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    MBA Finance, NMIMS, Mumbai 2011-13

     aishwarya priya 

    For the purpose of rebranding hockey, the major focus should be on marketing where in incredible success of the Indian Hockey Team should be highlighted in social and print media.

    A combination of star players of the Indian hockey team and celebrities should be used to motivate people to develop an interest in hockey.

    An open competition to come up with a logo for this initiative is another way to involve the public.

    Coming to producing a world class team in the next ten years,

    Organizing tournaments at schools and on national level with proper representation of Indian players would help identify new talents.

    Providing scholarships and training to young talents.

     Abhirup Bhattacharya 

    Plan and budget are missing @aishwarya_priya  +1 for the points

    Founder ,
    MBA Finance, NMIMS, Mumbai 2011-13

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