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     Abhirup Bhattacharya 

    Hi Guys,

    Post your NMAT 2014 scores here, your doubts, issues, etc. and we will guide in all possible ways through the CD /PI process .

    All the best to all test takers !

    [P.S. We will be conducting mock CD / PI process for all those posting your scores here ]

    All the best :good:

    Things to mention:


    Sectional scores:

    Class X percentage:

    Class XII percentage:

    Graduation percentage:

    Work ex(in months) :

    Special achievements, hobbies :

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    MBA Finance, NMIMS, Mumbai 2011-13

     Ashima Gupta 

    got 201 mrks in third window nmat…cn i expect a call frm hyderabad or banglore?,..and are they worth?

     Abhirup Bhattacharya 

    @ashima-gupta : Yup you are very likely to get a call from both Bangalore and Hyderabad campus. Bangalore is a slightly better campus among the two. All the best ! :good:

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    MBA Finance, NMIMS, Mumbai 2011-13

     Arpa Mitra 

    OA Score-223 Quant-84 Logical-69 English 70
    Xth percentage- 75.77
    XIIth percentage- 80.3
    Graduation( 8.93 on a scale of 10
    Achievements- Was given scholarship by State Board for XIIth result.
    Work Experience- 21 months. (till date)

     Adarsh Kumar 


    I have a score of 216  ( QA – 82 ; LS – 72 ; LR – 62 )

    10th – 75

    12th -68

    grad – 76.2 %

    Work exp – 10 months ( overseas – Mauritius ; as an industrial engineer)

    Prof. achievement – was recommended by the company for 3 weeks of training at Shima Seiki  Japan

    1) given my score in LR do u think I would manage to get a call.?

    2) Since I have graduated from N.I.F.T with apparel prod. as specialization will it add some benefit and given this specialization how should I tackle the PI so that it may work in my favor?

    3) For CDs how to prepare sumptuously, is there any resource or websites available for this …


    Thank u

     Abhirup Bhattacharya 

    @arpa-mitra : Profile is really good !! You are certain to get Mumbai call ! All the best :good:

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    MBA Finance, NMIMS, Mumbai 2011-13

     Abhirup Bhattacharya 

    @adarsh-kumar : Your profile is very interesting, however you will need to justify your lower scores in 10th and 12th. NIFT background + Mauritius are huge positives for you !

    Let me answer your queries:

    1. Yes I think you should get Mumbai Call . Hopefully you will receive the mail soon :mail:

    2.  Absolutely. Its a great strength that your profile will stand apart from rest. In my view your PI will focus on your experience at NIFT and Mauritius. Also you may be grilled on textile sector so read up on that including economic policies in budget and possible impact. You might also be asked about impact of rupee depreciation on apparel trade and so on…

    3. The best way to prepare will be by solving as many ethical dilemmas as possible along with decision making sets. It is not very different from GDs except that you are discussing a case here. Know your area of strength and how you are able to succeed in GDs. The same will apply to a great extent in CDs as well.

    Focus on the body language bit and give your best ! Rest will take care of itself.

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    MBA Finance, NMIMS, Mumbai 2011-13

     arpit kothari 

    OA – 208 QA-85 LR-62 and LS – 61

    10th – 81

    12th – 74.8

    Grads- 72.4

    Work Ex- 26 months in TCS (Not working currently)

    What chance do I have to convert for Mumbai Campus considering I am on border of LR Cutoff .

    Also, you comments on GDPI are most welcomed. Thanks!

     Abhirup Bhattacharya 

    @arpit-kothari you are almost at the border for both total cutoff and sectional cutoff. I can only say hope for the best.

    Acads are decent. Any extra-curriculars /certifications ? If not, use this time after XAT gets over.

    What are the other institutes you have applied for? CAT %ile?


    Founder ,
    MBA Finance, NMIMS, Mumbai 2011-13

     arpit kothari 

    Thank you @abhirup for the prompt reply. Can you please elaborate briefly on the certifications part. What sort of certifications can be done? Thanks again 🙂

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