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     Swati garg 

    Overall percentile : 89.19
    Quant & DI : 85.40
    Verbal and Logic : 86.63

    class X: 94.6
    class XII : 93

    Graduation : hons in chemistry (81.1)

    No work exp

    B schools applied to : IMI IMT FORE SP JAIN KJ SOMAIYA
    Have a profile based call from sp jain.. but are there any chances of converting it at this score?
    which other gud colleges should i apply to? :scratch:

     arpit kothari 

    @Abhirup-  Can you please comment on my question or anyone else 😥 😥 😥 who has some knowledge regarding it!

     Abhirup Bhattacharya 

    @arpit-kothari : I am not sure about the SPJain program that you have mentioned and NITIE program.

    B-schools you can apply for are GIM, TAPMI and IMT Nagpur among the notable ones.

    Founder ,
    MBA Finance, NMIMS, Mumbai 2011-13

     Sravanti Badam 

    @swati SP jain needs people from a good grad college and those who are involved in NGOs, social service activities etc. Higher importance is given to extra curricular activities. So, if you have all these, you can convert.
    Also, Your 10th, 12th and Grad scores are good. There are chances of getting a call from the 6 new IIMs that are going to start this year, as well as you can hope for a call from the previous new IIMs. i.e. other than A,B,C,L,I,K,S.
    Last year, KJ Somaya had a cut off of 90 percentile. Lower chances in IMI and IMT. So, lets hope for the best. Good luck!

     Anuradha Srivastava 

    @arpit-kothari: It is possible to get call from SPJIMR, PGCIM course and NITIE’s Safety course. Both the institutes give good weightage on work experience.Kindly share more about your work experience. But both the courses diversify in a very different direction. Be sure about your career objective before choosing such diversifying courses which are majorly driven from passion.

    You can aspire for FMS-BHU. Prepare well for other competitive exams. All the best! :good:   :good:   :good:

     arpit kothari 

    Thanks @Anuradha I have 26 months of work Ex in IT industry. Presently I am not working. Also can you please shed some light on the CAT cutoff’s for the mentioned courses and any useful info about them which I can’t found on their dedicated sites. Like I did not find anything for SP’s PGCIM placement record. This will be quite helpful. Thanks again  🙂

     Anuradha Srivastava 

    @arpit-kothari: For SPJIMR PGCIM course the cut-off is 85 above. SPJIMR shortlist is more of profile based in nature. Hence, it is difficult to predict .
    Past Recruiters have been Alstom, Amazon, Areva, BNP Paribas, Decathlon, DEDA, Embisphere, Samsung, Total. Diverse roles in areas such as Management Consulting, Strategic Consulting, Business Development, Market Research, Sales & Marketing, Financial Advisory, Operations, etc. have been offered at these esteemed companies.

    For NITIE PGDISEM course the cut off was 86 percetile last year.
    ACC,Gharda Chemicals, Anand Group, Hewlett Packard Global , Asian Paints Ltd.,Huber Chemicals,Bharat Shell, Johnson & Johnson, BristleCone, L’Oreal, Cadbury India Ltd.,Murugappa Group, CantorCO2e, Net PEM, Colgate Pamolive, Novartis Pharma, Emergent Ventures India Ltd., PWC, ERM India, RINA Consultancy , Ernst & Young, Tata Motors, Gammon India, TVS Motors are the prominent recruiters for PGDISEM course.

    Hope it helps!!

     Anant Sanganeria 

    OA 95.19

    QA 96.14

    VA 86.03

    10th 93.2

    12th 92.2 90.1

    What are my chances??








     Karthikeyan NB 

    @ananth You have decent chance in IIM-Indore, SP-jain , XIMB ,IMT and you can also apply for new-IIMS

     Balkesh Narang 

    OA 96.39

    QA 95

    VA 91

    10th 83.8

    12th 90

    grad 81

    hobbies – martial arts , chess

    work ex- 24 months in Tata Motors and resigned in june 2014.


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