NMIMS Case Discussion Topic 7 – To be ethical or not to be !

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     Abhirup Bhattacharya 

    Ravi, a financial analyst for a credit rating agency, is working after normal business hours to finish an important report. He realizes that he is missing data that had been sent to his coworker  and a very close friend Nisha. Ravi had once observed Nisha typing her password several days ago and decides to log into Nisha’s computer and resend the data to himself. He also comes across a research report that Nisha has prepared, copies it in his pen drive and decides to present it as his own work for a client meeting in two days.

    While doing so, Ravi sees an open excel regarding the personal investments Nisha has made over the last several months. He realises she has been investing heavily in stocks that are going to get a favourable rating prior to release of the report.

    Should Ravi report about Nisha to the management? :scratch:

     mayank singh 

    In this Case discussion both the players(Ravi and Nisha) have crossed the ethical barriers.

    Considering Ravi’s case he logged into Nisha’s computer nad copied up the files is very much unethical.If Ravi decides to be a whistleblower he knows he will be caught red handed as well.But I think Nisha’s is far more unethical  and by weighing both the possiblities Ravi should report everything ,the entire story , to the management .The management would definitely pardon him for what he did by giving just a warning for the future because he did a good thing being truthful and ethical for the company.

    (Nisha’s crime ,that I have understood ,is that she had a prior knowledge about the stocks and investing in them is a more serious thing .I want a bit more clarification about this stocks thing.)

     Rahul Mathur 

    In my opinion, Ravi is being unethical in the first place by logging into Nisha’s system to get the data in order to complete the report. Whatever the objective be, logging into someone’s system without his/her prior permission is never a good thing to do and you are always seen in the wrong light. Moreover, he not just logs into her system and transfers the data but also copies a research report prepared by Nisha to present it as his own report in a client meeting. After doing these unethical acts, he finds out about the investments Nisha has done in stocks to get a favorable rating before the release of the report which he is thinking to tell the management.

    I believe Ravi should not tell anything to the management as after telling, he might be questioned as to how did he came to know about it. It can be checked on the server when was Nisha’s system last logged in and as it will come out to be logged in when only Ravi was in office, that is after office hours when Nisha had left, so obviously he will be in trouble along with Nisha. He also might even get caught at that time or later on for stealing Nisha’s report with the intention of impressing the clients in the meeting. So keeping these things in mind, Ravi should keep mum and let go of the idea of telling anything to the management.  🙂

     Swati Sadaka 

    Good afternoon everyone.
    In the case provided to us, the are basically two people Ravi and Nisha who have undertaken an unethical steps, where the former decides to log into his colleagues system to copy relevant data which he decides to incorporate into his project as submit it as his findings in the project and the latter invests heavily to earn handsome profits. Keeping shut and letting things continue the way it is way more offensive and hence in my opinion Ravi should intimate the activities undertaken by him as well as Nisha to the management. If he knows business must run on principles of ethics, it is his duty to refrain from adopting such malpractices at the first place. And hence must inform the management about the same.

     varun gaur 

    i completely agree with my friends that ravi has committed a blunder by logging into nisha’s computer and transferring data from her computer.though he has been dubious about nisha’s activites but that doesn’t gives him the righ to do that .at the same time he should not immediately go to the company’s authority but first should meet nisha and tell her that what she has been doing is completely unethical and could prove to be hazardous for her career.


    therefore she should realize her mistake and should herself approach the company’s authority and  tell them about her misdeeds but if she does not get ready for this than ravi should definitely be the whistleblower and should approach the authorities even after there is a chance that he might also suffer from due to his unethical deeds but he should be a loyal employee and play his part

     jatin Sadana 

    I think ravi and nisha has both crossed the boundaries of the company. Ravi should have followed ethical values and should not have logged on to nisha’s system on the other hand nisha purcahse in the stock market is against the rules and policies of the company.So weighing it on the weighing balance i think Nisha’s action were more on the wrong part while ravi’s actions are on an unethical ground.I think Ravi should not confront Nisha .He should directly report to the management regarding the actions of Nisha and should honestly accept his mistake in front of the management and assure them he would never ever think of doing any such act and moreover he is ready to be punished for it. Though Ravi is wrong but he is not cheating the company moreover Nisha should be punished by the management. Ravi should introspect himself and understand that he should not copy any presentation related material as that is also an offense and he may not be lucky every time and should apologise with the management for his deed.

     Nikhil Bahrani 

    one important thing that management has to think is how to control such activities. various options are

    1) logging in notification with the IT department. as no one like ravi should be able to log in into another computer without permission of It department and concerned person

    2) installing CCTV to keep an eye on activities of employees

    3) strict action against insider trading. as being a part of research company you are not allowed to use unmarketed material information for your personal benefit. we can consider Rajat gupta case how he was punished for similar activities when he was a part of mckinsey company


     Anuj Gulati 

    I find the act of ravi to be unethical ,but can some1 bother to tell that in what way nisha was wrong in investing in stocks?? in short i m not able to get through the case properly..p.s may be m a fresher therefore not able to get through this entire scenario..:)


     Shubhadeep Basak 

    Here, we should first consider various factors before arriving at a decision. These include Ravi’s ethics, relevance of the report to his career, relationship of Ravi with the management and Ravi’s relationship with Nisha. Now, I think Ravi’s logging into Nisha’s computer itself is unethical as he is intruding into Nisha’s privacy without her knowledge. Another unethical thing that Ravi does is when he decides to present the entire work as his own. Now, we can assume that the report is very important for Ravi’s career. We can also assume that he has good relationship with the management. And let’s say he has very good relations with Nisha too.After all this, he should not use Nisha’s data in his report. Next, he should report the matter to management about Nisha’s wrongdoings. At the same time, he should confess to the management that he had found this information accidentally while accessing Nisha’s PC.But he also feels that he holds ethics above personal relations.

     Mayank Mittal 

    Friends I think we should be more pragmatic in dealing with situations like these. Ravi,if he decides to be the whistle-blower,will also have to face the wrath. Instead he should first talk to Nisha himself. He can explain the urgent need of the hour and since he was on a deadline he could not call her to ask for her permission. Ravi has not yet used Nisha’s project and presented it as his own. He was just thinking about it. It was unethical of him and to mend it, he should first delete the copied file. Now he can discuss with Nisha about the consequences she might have to face if the authorities and regulatory exchanges came to know about this. He may cite some past examples where executives of well reputed companies have been under the scanner of SEBI and hardly anyone has been able to dodge that bullet. Nisha might be glad that Ravi has saved her from the consequences of a crime she was going to commit(even though it was not right of Ravi to intrude her privacy).

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