NMIMS Case Discussion Topic 6 – The Coach's dilemma !

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     Abhirup Bhattacharya 

    Tungan Provincial Rugby Team has for the first time qualified till semi final in the ongoing Anarsian National Games. The Anarsaian and Tungans have been fighting a civil war for the last decade and many feel that if the Tungan team wins the event, it will go a long way in preserving the unity of the country. The Tungan rebels are excited too, and have called for a unilateral ceasefire till the games are over.

    Richard,a native Anarsian and coach of the Tungan team, has been waiting for years to field such a team in the games. Alorca, the star player is faced with serious charges of physically assaulting and raping a female spectator of Anarsian origin. The news is not yet out in public domain and Richard is the only witness in the case. Richard knows, Alorca will face permanent ban and life imprisonment as per the local law and without him the Tungan team will have no chance to win even the semi-finals. What should he do?

    :good: Let the discussions begin  :good:

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     Ashish Shukla 

    This is a case which involves decision making based on ethical values. As we know from the given case  that if Tungan team wins the game this will help in preserving the unity of the country. But , also Alocra the star player of the Tungan team has been charged with serious charges of assault and rape  .But nobody has proof for that except Richard (a native Anarsian) who is Coach of Tungan Provincial Rugby Team .The first thing is that the match will only help in preserving the unity if Tungan’s win.The presence of Alacra will only increase chances but it doesn’t guarantee a win. And also if the Team wins , and later if it is found that Alacra is culprit and also the Coach hid the reality keeping in mind the win of Team , the title may be taken back and also the Tungan Team will have to face harsh criticism due to involvement of Coach and player and they may both may get suspended from their positions.And this would affect the Team in long run.And because of coach’s act this would be injustice to woman.And what if in these all , woman takes a wrong decision to take strong step because of frustration and not getting justice?

    So the Coach should reveal the truth and the Team should play with some other player and they try to win the game , because chances are very less but not impossible.

     Eeti Agarwal 

    The match was significant to the coach  because of two reasons : 1. It would have helped in preserving the unity. 2. The coach had waited for years to field such a team. However because of the unethical act by one of his strong team players, Alorca, things do not seem to turn out in his favour. If we consider the situation where the coach let goes the player’s offence unreported- the harm done by it would outgrow the good.  Justice being denied to the woman and above all I strongly believe, being unethical is a reason strong enough to dilute all your achievements. Also, if the news is leaked from some other source in the near future, it would not only tarnish the reputation of the coach but also the widespread outrage of the people would outweigh the restoration of  united intended by a humble win.

    The case strongly questions the value system of the coach. Alorca may be a star player, but his ethics are absolutely hollow. I strongly recommend that that the coach should file a complaint against the player.





     Saurav Singh 

    In this case it is mentioned that “many feels that the unity will be preserved after the win of Tungan ” but its not certain that even if the team wins then there would be peace among Tungan and Anarsia.

    secondly being a star player doesnt mean that he will play well and ensure their win.Like in a cricket match even if Sachin Tendulkar makes century in a match doesnt ensure teams win and sometimes he might not even be able to score well, so its the team and not the star player that can lead to their win .But still their win is not ensured.

    The star player Alorca is involved in physical assaulting and raping a women and only coach knows about it So, even if he allow him to play and even if they are able to win the match, then also when people will come to know about the star palyers reality then this would create more tension amongst Tungan and Anarsian.

    Also the coach and the girl both are native Anarsian. So if the coach tells about the star player then there are chances that the Tungan spporters side may rebel against this . but since the coach is the only witness of this ,he should keep aside his personal wish of fielding such team and the reaction of Tungan supporters. He should prohibit him to play for his team and let the authorities know about the incident . By doing this he will be advocating his ethical values and also doing justice with the women. Doing this might even improve the relations of two sides and chances are there that even after exposing the star player the Tungan team might win the match.

     Pritam Mukherjee 

    As my friend there stated that ethical values are integral to each and every situation out there. Keeping mum on the issue it absolutely unethical. So, there is no point hiding the fact. Even, if he hides it temporarily thinking that he may come out in the open after the cup win, its not very justifiable as involvement of the rapist player in the team puts it in bad light and the team stands disqualified. We have seen examples from the past where a player gets disqualified and the medal s taken back after an unethical activity conducted before the matches comes to light.

    Having said that, taking strict actions against his own team player wo has comitted a crime will only put the team of Tungan in a better situation.

    As far as winning is concerned, noone can guarantee that even the presence of star player will result in a win. Moreover, history proves that weak teams do stand a chance to win against their stronger opponents especially in team games. Its just that, the better team on the day wins.

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     Abhirup Bhattacharya 

    How about the rise in ethnic tensions? Can someone address that? :scratch:

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     Mayank Jain 

    Aim : To solve twin problems of Civil war and injustice to women.

    Dilemma: Whether to hold culprit for some time or hand him out immediately.

    Implications of both actions :

    1. Disclose that Alorca has confessed the crime(although investigations are still on) : This will reduce the     chances of ending civil war and at the same time malign the image of Alorca before investigations       reached its conclusion.

    2. Do not disclose till the tournament is completed: It will ensure that Civil war ends , as without him the Tungan team will have no chance to win even the semi-finals, and both the countries come close and expand their relations with other. Also it will not deny justice to the victim.

    Considering the impact on stakeholders : Tunga , Anarsaia , Alorca ,female spectator and coach . It is wise to let the tournament complete , ensuring ending of civil wars which can safe millions of life , and free and fair trial of Alorca as well , and if found guilty should be severely punished. :bye:   :bye:   :bye:



     Saurav Singh 

    For ethnic tension: Allowing the star player and revealing the news even after the match , will put Tugan team to shame even if they win the match. This will create more hatred of Anarsaian towards Tungan’s and will create more tension ,cuz just to win only a tournament they’ve hid such heinous crime of the player.
    And if the coach wont allow the palyer then a good message from the Tungan side will go towards Anarsians that even if they knew that they wont be able to win the match without the star player,they prohobitted him from playing and did justice to Anarsaian women and even if they lost the match then also the relations can be improved since Tungan’s have put forward their steps toward making relations better by taking such a decision .
    Since the coach and the women both are Anarsains, so Tungan people might doubt his decision but since his decision is backed by the legal system.Hence decision wont create any doubt and if created it will be cleared by the charges that star player is facing.

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