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    Business Case:

    Rajiv is a young Salesman at AcrobatBottles Ltd. While pitching to a new client, their manager asked for bribe in order to give them the order. Rajiv informed his supervisor Sanjay regarding the same. However, Sanjay asked him to pay the bribe and take the order. Sanjay also added that this order is very important for the company and if Rajiv has issues regarding paying the bribe, he can start looking for a new job.

    Rajiv is the only earning member in his family of 5 members. After desperate job hunting for 8 months after graduating, he finally landed in one at Acrobat.  What should Rajiv do and how should he manage Sanjay and the client?

    Post your points below. Let’s have a great discussion  :good:

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    MBA Finance, NMIMS, Mumbai 2011-13

    Arvind Sharma

    One basic ingredient of business buffet is the business inculcated with such moral principles cannot go against them. Rajiv should make sanjay,and the client realise the defying of these business ethics. If they are intransigent about it, then he should pay the bribe keeping in mind the hurldes he had faced to get this job. And meanwhile he should record the conversation with his supervisor asking for him to pay the bribe when he asked him in the second attempt explaining about business ethic. He should inform the HR head of the company about this with recorded proof. Because the project got with bribe is not worthy of our capabilities.


    @arvind-sharma : excellent start ! However, in your opening remark you should not look to conclude a discussion. This reflects poorly. A leader should consider opinions from all before making the conclusion.

    +1 for initiating the discussion.

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    MBA Finance, NMIMS, Mumbai 2011-13

    Adarsh Kumar

    Well in my opinion, there are some things  which shouldn’t be compromised with and such ethical dilemmas have intervened in human being’s life since eternity , to start with –  this is the  first job for this lad and to start your career with hollow self respect & business ethics, it can’t get worse than this. But having said that, he in fact should work harder and try to reach out to other clients who do not entertain such shallow objectives of bribe, and if he manages to get such set of clients as an alternative to the company then not only he will earn the respect of his company but would work as a solid foundation to his work career .

    Nikhil Bahrani

    this is a ethical dilemma that many employees are facing right now whether to work according to seniors order or become a whistleblower. bribing for orders is unethical as it undermines our capabilities . Rajiv should work hard to to find new clients with same amount of order quantity to prove his worth and to explain sanjay the importance of ethics.  if sanjay still doesnt agree and says bribe is acceptable then rajiv should act as a whistleblower as he has various duties towards the society as well



    @adarsh-kumar : You bring out a new dimension as you look into the individual perspective of Rajeev. However, you have given an answer to long term solution and not looked at addressing his current problem.  +1 for adding the dimension.

    @nikhil-bahrani: Excellent. You have added the keyword “Whistleblower” to the discussion and caught the attention of the panelists. This opens up an all new spectrum to the discussion. +5 for adding this. :yahoo:

    Now it is to be seen how others build on to these leads or add newer areas to the discussion.

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    MBA Finance, NMIMS, Mumbai 2011-13

    Shashank Gajendra

    Dilemmas like this have become a part and parcel in today’s business world.Since Rajiv found the job after great difficulty and his family members are dependent upon his income for their livelihood,it would be wise for him to pay the bribe and make both,customer and the company happy.If the company’s and his future lies in this deal,then why not?.If he is ready to take the risk of finding another job,then well and good.Given to his current situation,it’d be unwise of him to quit the current job and find another.Even if he did find another job,then what’s the guarantee that he’ll get to work under a honest manager?(assuming that he gets into sales),if not ,would he keep hunting for an honest job with his current situation.The most important factor here is his “current situation”.It’s a dog eat dog,world out there.I’d like to conclude by stating the quotes of CHANAKYA .”A PERSON SHOULD NOT BE TOO HONEST,STRAIGHT TREES ARE THE ONES WHICH ARE CUT FIRST”.


    Rajiv is in a peculiar situation. On one hand he has this job which  provides income for him and his family. It is the job which he has got after months of trying. But his boss has explained him that things have to be done in a certain unpleasing manner. Rajiv should try to make the sale without paying any bribe. Rajiv should also convince Sanjeev and his seniors to try to negotiate the sale without paying a bribe. Paying a bribe would set a bad precedent and would also tarnish the name of the company. Once the word spreads in the market, most costumers would start demanding bribes from Acrobat and there would be little scope of finding new costumers without paying any bribe. If Rajiv’s seniors do not agree with him and stick to  their stand, he would have no other option but to go ahead with the sale. Since fulfilling the needs of the family is Rajiv’s main aim he should stick with the job and in the meantime,  try to search for another job where unfair practises are looked down upon. There will certainly be good opportunities for him in the future.


    @shashank-gajendra : In many ways your comment reflects that you are trying to justify and encourage Rajeev to perform the unethical act. Always remember business without ethics has no value and will go down extremely negatively with the panelists and may even lead to rejection.

    -5 for this :negative:

    Founder ,
    MBA Finance, NMIMS, Mumbai 2011-13

    Shashank Gajendra

    @Abhirup Bhattacharya – Thanks a lot for your feedback.Just tried a hand in playing the devil’s advocate.

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