NMIMS Case Discussion 4 – 2018-20 Batch Prep : The Doctor's dilemma

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     Abhirup Bhattacharya 

    In the war torn country of Tunga, two ethnic populations – The Anarsians and The Tungals have been fighting each other for last several years. The battle is a result of several discriminatory laws passed by the parliament. Anarsians constitute about 30% of the population but control all government portfolios. The Tungals are led by General Albatros, who was once the greatest proponent of national unity and now the person behind the rebellion forces.

    Rehan, a young doctor of Anarsian origin is a leading surgeon in the country. He lost his own family to this war when his wife was killed in a bomb blast claimed by Tungal general Albatros. On a rainy night Rehan discovers a gravely injured person with bullet wounds outside his home. Rehan finds the person to be none other than General Albatros. What should Rehan do ?

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     Aashanaa Bothra 

    Rehan is in a dilemma. The war had claimed his wife’s life. The Tungal and Anarsians are in a continuous state of war.

    Helping the general means inviting the heat of Anarsians and if he helps, and something goes wrong the Tungals won’t leave him.

    Every doctor takes an oath of helping a person irrespective of caste, sex, creed, nationality or status.

    Rehan should treat the general – as it will create a positive impact for the Anarsians. It will project them as people who are ready to help and serve even the “enemy”.

    In the meantime, he should also send the word to Tungals that the General is admitted in so and so hospital and ask their doctor to treat him.

     Pulkit Chaurasia 

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>The case study depicts about the war between the Anarsians and the Tungals due to laws passed by the parliament. The Doctor Rehan lost his own family to this war bomb blast claimed by Tungal General Albatros. One night, Rehan finds him with bullet wounds. Now what should he do?
    Obviously Rehan is stuck between his work and emotions.
    Due to laws passed by parliament, there is fight between both these groups. The doctor’s family is one of the victims of the war. By not treating the general, Rehan would definitely do injustice to his profession and further there will come another Tungal general who will lead the Tungals.
    Rehan should treat the general to satisfy his profession. Additionally, this behaviour can create a harmony between the Anarsians and the Tungals.</p>

     Skill it 

    There won’t be a better chance for Rehan to take revenge upon the general than this. Rehan has to save life of general at any cost. it helps him in the following ways

    1. Lesson for general that voilence won’t help

    2.there other methods of convincing other than rebellion

    3.That a sect can’t be punished for individuals interests or crimes

    4.General if convinced changes the method path rebbelion to peaceful protest

    5. It promotes mutual relationships between two groups hearing such a story and would be exemplary

    6.Atleast few families surrounding them won’t get into these type of terrorist activities.

    And later course of action after saving would be to handover him to police custodies recording his statements and feelings prior and letting world know it

    As there would be lot of misinterpretations and misunderstandings as beaurocracy is compromised.

    Media should also be informed regarding the whole scene once police knows it.

    It would be better to get a video note from general in case he changes his mind so that his followers won’t take rage decisions knowing the incident.

    Rehan if needs help should take support of neutral souls instead of relying on his best friends(as they may be biased for rehans loss)

     Preksha Jain 

    There has been a state of tensions amongst the two ethnic groups in Tunga- The Anarsians and The Tungals.

    Rehan, a doctor is caught in a dilemma for treating the leader of Tungals, General Albratos. He had already lost his beloved in the war against the Tungals.

    I would proceed with the stakeholders approach where the stakeholders are Rehan, Great Albatros, the public of both the ethnic groups.

    Rehan as a doctor it is his duty to help people who are injured or wounded. He shouldn’t think about if the person he is treating is his enemy. A doctor​ is one who works for everybody. Moreover, he already lost his wife and kids. Such an incidence will make him more sympathetic towards treating the leader.

    Such an act of selflessness can ease the tensions amongst the two ethnic groups that has been going on from years.

    But on the opposite side, if the people of The Anarsians get to know that Rehan helped the leader of The Tungals, they could boycott him, kill him or burn his house eventually multiplying the fight amongst the two groups. To avoid such a situation, Rehan can reach out to the public and let them know what he is going to do will lead to more postive bonds to build over the years amongst the two and as a doctor it his duty to do so. He can cite example by quoting what if somebody from our side is found in such a situation and they don’t treat. It would be message to them that we want to end everythung harsh going amongst us and let’s unite.

    Since, it is The Anarsians who control all the government portfolios even after forming a 30% part of the Tunga population. Not treating the General will give The Tungals a reason to point that since they control all government portfolios, so it is they who could be involved in passing of discriminatory laws. A good jesture by Rehan will turn the tables provided his ethnic group support him, and he coulf further avoid the loss of the beloved family members of other people in both the ethnic groups.

     Aafreen Khan 

    1. Rehan faces a grave ethical dilemma. Having lost his family to this war, the desire to seek vengeance from the Tungal General is understandable but morally wrong. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” sounds cliched but fits aptly in this situation. Also, Rehan is a doctor and treating the Genral is an obligation upon him.

    2. Keeping morals aside, this is a great opportunity for dialogue with a key leader of the rebellion. Alienation is a major factor in creating ethnic divide and the lack of dialogue and open discussion fuels division. He should put forward his case before the General and try to persuade him towards peaceful forms of protest.

    3. Rehan’s gesture will create an example of peaceful cooperation and unity.

    4. The Sri Lankan Civil War is an example we can look at. It was also sparked by ethnic discrimination by the government and the resultant civil war resulted in huge economic and humanitarian losses over 25 years. Such a situation should be avoided at all costs. Even if there is a small chance of bringing peace, Rehan should act upon it.

     Twinkle Begani 

    As Rehan has already lost his wife and family he knows the pain of having lost someone special. If he sticks to his professional standards and help the general, it will not only be a step towards friendship with the Tungals and save lives in future but it might also give him the inner satisfaction to have saved a life.

     Dark Knights 

    Although it would be a really tough and emotional situation for Rehan he should go ahead and provide the General with the preliminary treatment.It is the moral right of the doctor to attend a needful person irrespective of nationality, sex, caste or creed.

    Apart from the preliminary treatment, he could do the following things as per the situation:

    1.As General is gravely injured, it is better to inform the General’s family or close ones of General that he is seriously injured and if they give their consent he will be treating him.If they want anyone else to treat the General they are free to do so.This has to be done because if something goes wrong, the war between two groups could take a more serious turn and Rehan’s life would be in danger.

    2. If Rehan knows any influencing person from Anarsians group who wants both the groups to negotiate, he could actually inform him and ask him not to leak this message to anyone and can ask for help from him as well.

    3.Instead of taking revenge from General, Rehan should negotiate with the General saying I would treat you but it would be deal and you have to stop the long continuing war.As already mentioned General was the person who was one of the people who was on behalf of national unity earlier. This might lead to negotiations between two groups. If this happens this could be a warm tribute to his wife’s soul.


     Akanksha Chaudhary 

    The case is about an ethical dilemma. A doctor is supposed to treat every patient that comes his way, this is his ethical duty and serving people and saving lives is duty of this noble profession. But he has lost his family because of general albatross and morever there is a war going on and he is given an opportunity to stop this war.

    So as a doctor he should save his life or atleast try to save his life. And if he is survives, he should report him to his community leaders, he should also try to explain and convince albatross to stop this war and convince his community members to try to find a solution peacefully, as he saved his life and albatross should not waste it on a fruitless war.

     Aarathi Krishnan 

    Here we know that Anarsians and Tungals have been in a clash due to discriminatory laws.

    Rehan being a doctor, shouldn’t have any second thought. He should definitely treat the injured person. As he has lost his family members, he knows the pain of his family who will lose him.

    Rehan can provide first aid at home as due to a rainy night that’s the maximum he can do. Moreover he can stabilise him to a level that he can go on his own to hospital for further treatments. Maybe if he accompanies him, the Anarsian origin people might criticise and stop trusting him.

    Moreover this reminds me of the fact that there was clash between Rohingya Muslims and Rakhine Buddhists because few Rohingya Muslims raped and murdered a Buddhist woman. The clash aggravated because of this rape issue. Now when the General Albatros group becomes aware of this kind gesture by the doctor, the situation might become better.

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