Net Neutrality and its effect on business.

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     Pranjal Gangurde 

    Net Neutrality is the concept that all websites on the internet are treated equally. The debate over access and neutrality has grabbed headlines in India this week after leading telecom carrier Bharti Airtel announced a product through which mobile ‘app’ makers pay for data usage to allow customers to use their apps for free.

    With net neutrality as we have now, you, the entrepreneur, have the opportunity to compete with anyone and you have a chance to succeed–because anyone can access your website as easily as they can find the incumbents. If we lose net neutrality, a small-business owner will face a much smaller market.But Internet service providers who want to turn the internet into a tiered service oppose net neutrality.



    Yes what you said @Pranjal is right. But there are two sides of every coin. Opportunities will always be squeezed out from anything. I am just curious to know if exists on same platform as net neutrality, is it sustainable for the companies on board to pay on behalf of customers. Say Flipkart, the poster boy of e-commerce has shown no signs of profit, how will it manage to pay on behalf of users? Plus many other platforms might be created… say is famous in north india, but AirtelZero in west india and some other in some other places… then will it create another  kind of neutrality of its own? What do you think?  B-)  :whistle:

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