GD Prep Topic 9: Democracy

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     Adeep Kathait 

    India is the largest democracy in the world. Are we really democratic…???

     Nikita Yadav 

    India is the largest democracy which means rule of the people. As being part of it we get to choose who will rule the country in a free and fair way. Democracy allows protection of the rights of its citizens and apply laws procedures equally to all its citizens. But are we truly democratic? Are the people truly hold the power?
    Suppose if the elected ruling party doesn’t discharge its duties properly, breaks the promise (which they always does), we cannot get rid of it until the next election.
    The real power lies in the hands of powerful and rich industrialists, police chiefs, politicians and military forces officials.
    So when it is said that we live under the rule of people.. it must be questioned which people? certainly not the majority of us, but a handful of rich and powerful persons that drive our society and the economy.
    Recently, forced conversion was in news. These kinds of incidents are blot in the name of a democratic country like India.
    Also we do not have any control over government funds. Government money is our money. We pay taxes. All this money belongs to us. And we have absolutely no control over it?
    So, we have no control over government employees, government funds, government policies. Is this democracy? Just vote once in five years and then plead before the same people who you voted to power? Or plead before the officials who take salary out of your taxes?
    But that doesn’t means we have no democratic rights. We have rights of free expression, we can hold demonstration whenever we are against something. We can practise any religion we want, take up any occupation,etc. We also have RTI which is a good step towards strengthening the democratic rights of the people.It has given pwer to people to “just question” the govenment.Now it’s time to move one step fowrward and demand direct participation in decision which directly affects the life of people.

     Adeep Kathait 

    Good discussion nikita although could have been more structured… :good:

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