GD Prep Topic 7: e-commerce: the bubble must burst.

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     Dushyant Bheda 

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     Piyush Drolia 

    In a country like India i don’t think the e-commerce bubble will burst anytime soon. We have a population of more than 120 crore and 60% of them are youth and having access to internet or at least knows about eCommerce. This gives a demographic dividend for eCommerce in India, They are having a huge consumer base here.We have seen that the “Snapdeal” cross billion mark in much less time that market leader “Flipkart” took, which clearly indicates that market of online commerce is growing.
    Company’s already discovered that and are investing more & more in it,Amazon chief jeff bezoz decided to pour 2 billion dollar in amazon India shows the clear example for that.

    Also there is peoples lifestyle reason for eCommerce growth.In today’s fast moving world the time is precious,So they rather shop online which saves their time and more importantly they can browse to different item/product under one umbrella.

     Swati Sadaka 

    Good evening everyone.
    E-commerce stands for Electronic commerce. This is basically an arrangement whereby the prospective customers can buy products online instead of physically visiting the market. Given the lifestyle and busy schedule of people, people now-a-days prefer shopping online as such arrangements these days provide free-home delivery services to their customers and easy exchange policies.
    E-commerce has made life easier and in near future would only help Indian Economy flourish and prove to become a boon for India.

     Nikita Yadav 

    E-Commerce bubble is not going to burst because there is a lot of untapped potential in the market that will only increase the opportunities for the E-Commerce sector. And as pointed out by my friends above, in today’s fast moving world, more and more people are relying on the online shopping due to factors like convenience, ease, huge variety under the same umbrella. Also with the Modi government launching the Digital India initiative, It is likely that the e-commerce market can target the rural market, which accounts for 70 percent of India’s population! So the e-commerce bubble is not likely to burst, atleast not in the next 10-12 years.

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