GD Prep Topic 6: Uber should be banned permanently in India.


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     Dushyant Bheda 

    Rules for discussion:
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     Paresh Bhimani 

    Good wishes everyone,
    Before starting the GD I would like to mention the recent issue which made Uber stop its operation in Delhi for more than a month. Issue was an allegation of raping 26 year old Executive woman by Uber taxi driver, the taxi which she booked from Uber mobile application, And this causes the major outbreak in the country to ban such taxi providers operating in India.
    My stance here is the decision to ban such services permanently will be premature and too quick decision. We all agree the kind of comforts and the convenience we are getting because of such an innovative services. Instead of rooting off such facilities we should rather focus on solving the issue and finding the loopholes in the systems. let it be the credibility check on drivers or emergency help button in the app, So lets brainstorm and have a healthy discussion.

     Dushyant Bheda 

    Well said Paresh. I would like to add few points. Uber was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. Travis Kalanick is an innovator and has been trapped in controversies before too and had to file for bankruptcy. Besides safety issue, Uber is also disrupting the existing Taxi business in many countries including India. It has been facing protest from the Indian Taxi union. Uber has also violated the two step authentication system for e-commerce credit card payment systems according to RBI governor Raghuram Rajan.
    On the other hand, Uber is easy to use app and providing handsome amount of salary to its drivers. Disruptive innovations are meant to shut the old business. They are working on safety and legal aspects and likely to come with sustainable solution. Government has lifted its ban from Delhi, which is promising sign for Uber. I agree with Paresh that banning it permanently would be a harsh decision.

     Chittresh Lohani 

    Good morning everyone,
    I don’t think that uber should be banned. Even though there was some sloppyness on the behalf of company by not checking their driver’s profile which led to such a heinous crime. But banning them won’t be a solution. instead of a ban, they should be punished heavily so that a strict message gets conveyed. but a ban would result in loss of employment to quite a lot of people associated with them, which could ultimately lead them to criminal activities. Those people did not commit those mistakes, it was because of the policy makes, so it would be fairly unfair to punish all of them

     Swati Sadaka 

    Good morning everyone. Banning a particular thing is not the solution to a problem. Instead steps to identify the loopholes and thereafter rectifying them is the solution to the problem. As pointed out very well by my friends earlier, Uber does compromise on the safety issues and to rectify the same they have also taken a step to have redesign the taxis with an emergency button. And as far as incidents such as the one which took place in delhi is concerned,the same incident can take place in any other city may be by say Meru cabs or an Ola cab. So, i believe banning an Uber cab or an ola cab should not be the focus of India.

     Abhirup Bhattacharya 

    Yes, fully agreed on the point that banning is not the solution. In fact it can be easily thought as an  easy way out without addressing the core issue. What actually needs to be done is framing stringent laws and hefty fines for companies not following the same, capital punishment for rape perpetrators and fast and speedy justice for the victims. None of these seem to be addressed at the moment by the current regime.

     Chittresh Lohani 

    I think we all have agreed on the same point. So I would like to take this topic to a conclusion that banning uber isn’t a solution. Instead, stringent laws need to to implemented strictly so that such we don’t have to face such situations time and again. And the criminal needs to be prosecuted at a quick pace according to the law so that a clear message gets conveyed. The company should also be penalised so that there isn’t any slackness on their behalf in future.

     Abhirup Bhattacharya 

    How about imposing a fine for several million dollars first on Uber , cancelling their license and renewing it after signing a liability agreement, suing Uber USA for violating IPC… many steps can be taken…

    These are also areas that needs to be looked into.

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