Reply To: GD Prep Topic 6: Uber should be banned permanently in India.

 Paresh Bhimani 

Good wishes everyone,
Before starting the GD I would like to mention the recent issue which made Uber stop its operation in Delhi for more than a month. Issue was an allegation of raping 26 year old Executive woman by Uber taxi driver, the taxi which she booked from Uber mobile application, And this causes the major outbreak in the country to ban such taxi providers operating in India.
My stance here is the decision to ban such services permanently will be premature and too quick decision. We all agree the kind of comforts and the convenience we are getting because of such an innovative services. Instead of rooting off such facilities we should rather focus on solving the issue and finding the loopholes in the systems. let it be the credibility check on drivers or emergency help button in the app, So lets brainstorm and have a healthy discussion.

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