In the early 1990, employers realised the importance of employee satisfaction. Satisfaction is only about meeting current expectations.Meeting expectations is not enough to get them to perform in extraordinary ways.Around 2000, the focus shifted to employee engagement .While engagement is an important determinant of performance,performance is also affected by other factors and sometimes those factors matter more than engagement. There is a dark side of employee engagement .Recent studies have found that employee engagement can be a barrier to better performance.When employees are too focused on getting along, they will probably not care about the completion of task on time which can affect the productivity.While employee engagement still rules the workplace in India,UK ,USA,Australia.Canada is the one country where “EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE” has already gained significant traction.

Focusing on employee satisfaction  or employee engagement is not enough.Although employee experience and employee engagement are inseparably linked ,it is becoming clear that companies focused on engagement alone have not achieved the desired result. Companies now have to realize the importance of employee experience.Employee experience is ultimately about people.Studies show a well designed experience leads to a greater levels of engagement which boosts motivation leading to increase in productivity.

Employee experience (EX) is a combination of 3 factors:

CULTURE- Every organisation has its unique personality just like people do. The unique personality of an organisation is referred to its culture.Organisation culture is a powerful force on people in organisation.It is the positive energy when you enter in the office.It is the leadership style,the rituals of an organisation,reward system.
TECHNOLOGY- Ever organisation use different form of technology which has critical effect on nature,structure and work of an organisation.Each technology is associated with a particular organisational  structure and has to be nurtured,nourished and improved as a continuous process.
PHYSICAL WORKPLACE-It is not just about art work,material of floors or the views. It is what connects the employees to organisation.It connect employees to a sense of belonging .It creates an atmosphere promising to productivity and innovation.

EX aims to provide employees with a positive workplace environment and has been shown to greater levels  of enthusiasm,involvement and brand commitment.The bottom line is that a well considered and wisely implemented strategy is the one that takes into consideration employee perception,environmental factors,scores highest in culture,technology and physical workplace.


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