Human Resource is undergoing rapid and profound change.It was initially dominated by transactional work such as pay roll and benefits but human resource as of 2015 focuses on strategic initiatives like mergers, talent management, diversity, labor relations. The shift is happening rapidly as HR leaders are being pushed to take on a larger role to drive organisation .Human resource leaders identified three top areas of interest as focusing on employee experience, attracting and retaining employees with right skills and helping the organisation to adapt better to ongoing changes.2017 was the year of consumerisation of Human Resource .It refers to creating a consumer -style experience for employees inside the  company and many organisation are now looking into ways to improve employee experience.

Following are few trends for 2018:

Shift from PTB to EI : Dave Ulrich’s book ,Human resource champions has great impact on HR professionals which focused on PTB(pleasing top boss).The tide is slowly turning to EI( employee intimacy). Employee intimacy includes understanding the needs of employee to build a relevant employee journey.

Shift from employee engagement to employee experience : In past few years, many companies used various techniques to keep employees engaged in their work.But the new trend is concerned about employee experience .Experts have found that employees experience is the foundation of employee engagement .It focuses on  seeing the world through the eyes of our employees,staying connected and being aware of major milestones.

Gig economy : With people loosing their steady jobs,small time jobs seems to be a golden opportunity.The gig economy was born.Previously finding freelance jobs were like a black cat in a coal cellar. Now with a gig economy evolving at a rapid pace, organisation will become speedy and smooth.

Zero tolerance for sexual harassment : In the last five years ,there’s been a realization that if you don’t have a comprehensive workplace you are doomed to failure. After listening various cases of harassment in big companies, Human resource leaders have to bring out new policy. This trend will be continued for years and years.

Shift from talent management to team management  : We need to stop counting heads and focus on productivity. We need to hire less people so that the potential of employee is better utilized. Focusing more on productivity can be beneficial for both organisation as well as employees.

Digitalise Human resource : It is the time HR’s has to learn how to be digital and not just buy digital products. For example- Singapore based OCBC banks recently developed an app,HR in your pocket, giving employees a holistic HR centre for leave submission, medical benefits, addressing questions etc. To compete in a digital market place, one must go digital throughout the entire organisation.

Human Resource  is of prime importance in driving transformation across the enterprise.Business trends come and go.When it comes to human resource management, evolving technology and a shift in workforce needs will continue to shape the trends.Trends point towards the steadying of many shaky regulations and issues,making 2018 an optimal year for employers to seek out  long term help for issues  they struggle with today.Human resource leaders will be strategically utilizing new methods that make organisation more competitive ,streamlined and optimizing staff.


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