Ask any first year MBA student what is highly imperative to come out from an MBA programme, you will receive a mutual answer – “Summer Internship”. Although B-Schools do accentuate on the aspect of academics and learning which will ultimately drive you ahead in your occupation, but for a first year graduate getting placed for summers is in itself also a major task. An internship in many ways is a partial qualifier towards achieving a final placement offer which is the definitive goal after all.

So the overall process of preparing for summers also begins at an early stage, right from the point where you are mentored to make a remarkable CV to attending late night GD sessions. Then the time when you finally make it to the shortlist for the selected company furthermore brings about an equal amount of apprehension. There are obviously plenty of good candidates against whom you are expected to compete to make it to the final rounds, but the most important understanding is to be well aware of the company & the role you are being offered. It makes the task simple since now you can focus on how to feature the areas around your competence to fit the role. The companies conducting the process should also ensure that they outline and provide a structured method of selection which sort of acts as a positive response from the candidates to perform better.

Ultimately when you make it to the company after a hefty extent of endless rounds adds another set of responsibilities one of which is to maintain the make and name of the institute which you come from in order to sustain future associations with the firm. For many competing B-schools this is very critical since it opens up the gates for many institutes and provides improved rankings among the company’s set of criteria for an institute based on the excellence of its candidates.

As already affirmed that an internship acts as an opportunity towards probable impending offers it is highly essential that you maintain a curious attitude towards work these few weeks that you get, since this is what you might eventually land up doing your entire life. Therefore, running on many aspects and learning about most of the work structure around you could help to make easier decisions about relevant choices in future. Companies also desire for candidates who believe in trying out for themselves and who do involve in a diligent effort towards understanding the daily activities which are completely new to them.

One such appreciation on a personal note was gaining insight on modules not required to be delivered from my end. This did help to gain an understanding about dependent tasks and not having a biased attitude towards your own work. The project majorly involved groups comprising of individuals who were required to handle modules for an ERP implementation. The modules were Finance and SCM setups required to implement an Enterprise System. So to work as teams understanding your groups roles and how they complement your own set of tasks makes understanding clear.
On the forefront it is vital if one is very sharp about what you want from your investment in an MBA programme so that one can continue to focus towards those achievable targets and eventually turn up doing work that is desirable.

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