The clock in my Macbook reads Mon 2.03AM. It is seven days to go before I start school at a prestigious B-school (NMIMS Mumbai) of India. What keeps me up so late is not the last week movie watching chronicles with extended family or crazy night outs with friends, it is the pre MBA assignments we were sent via mail a fortnight ago. I was zapped with activities like swimming, shopping, Lucknow darshan (I came back to my home town after two years for these two months before college) and devouring all the must reads I had noted for ages. Harvard Business e-courses on Financial Accounting and Spreadsheet modelling was not in the farthest corners of my imagination. I was under the sweet impression that the last week would go packing and meeting friends and family. Alas! Here I am in the middle of night slogging through the modules trying to make sense of tax accruals and regression analysis.

NMIMS Mumbai

NMIMS Mumbai

What spurred me to write this article was the emotional roller coaster this is. Since I leave for Mumbai soon, packing is unavoidable. Mom can’t help beyond a limit. This means I must allocate time for that. When friends and relatives turn up to see me, I can’t duck my head and run. I ought to receive, greet and entertain them as cordially as possible and for as long as they desire. The shopping of essentials too has to be done. Lastly, these modules add an element of challenge to the equation by the fact that we will be evaluated in the form of tests in the first week. This throws in more to do’s into my last week and I ask myself, “Can I juggle all of them?”

It reminds me of an article I read about Life@NMIMS. The article describes the multiple obligations of an MBA student to academics, to the different cells he/she is a member of, to the placement committee and the temptations to savour the Mumbai life. This is all too much to handle at once but that’s exactly why we chose to do MBA.

When I decided to pursue MBA as a part of a career transition, the main inspiration for me was the thrill of learning so much so fast. The joy of interacting with such diverse group of individuals and the opportunity to learn from all of their unique ways. I wanted to challenge myself and come out of my comfort zone. There were so many things I wanted to learn and do which I did not due to some deep seated fears and complexes. This was my opporunity to swim away from safe seas and learn to surf on the high waves  of life.

This moment today makes perfect sense to me. This is the thrill of an MBA course. This is what drew me to it. This (along with the monetary returns) is the charm of this course. It challenges to dare yourself to accomplish goals you never set. Instead it inspires you to believe that you can conquer it all. I am kind of loving these jitters now. They give me a sense of what’s in store in days ahead.

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