Start early to achieve better results, Kushagra Hansrani – NMIMS Mumbai (2016-18)

Interview with Kushagra Hansrani

MBA Core Rank 393 , NMIMS Mumbai 2016-18 Batch

Q1. Firstly, congratulations on your converting the call to NMIMS. Our readers would like to hear something about your background?

Thank you very much! I have completed my B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics from Graphic Era University,Dehradun in 2013. Post that I joined Wipro as a Project Engineer and I have experience of 16months.

Q2. “Why MBA” must be a common question doing the rounds these days. What was your reason for pursuing MBA?

I come from a family which places a lot of importance on education and learning, which has thus become my top priority.


I want to do an MBA so that I could have a holistic view of the corporate world and also a broader scope in terms of career options. MBA would be a perfect platform for me to learn the skills required to be in a decision making role where I can present my ideas and contribute to the organisation

Q3. Tell us something about your preparation strategy. What would you suggest future aspirants regarding the same?

It is important to start early to achieve better results. Keep in touch with all topics on a daily basis. Take mocks seriously, but don’t take the percentiles seriously.

While giving the exam, stay calm.

Q4. Tell us something about your Case Discussion / PI experience?

Case Discussion was about a company which had many branches all over India and was planning to open one abroad. They hired a consultant for the paperwork and other pre requisites .The consultant was charging some amount and would get all the work done unethically in very short time. It was a case of ethical dilemma where the new branch could bring huge profit to the organisation.

We were around 12 people in the group. The discussion was very calm and in the right direction .I didn’t start but I spoke around 3-4 times and tried to add something new to the discussion .I was quite satisfied with my performance in the discussion.

I had a slightly stressful interview. The panel started with basic questions like Introduce yourself, Why MBA, about work in Wipro. After that they asked me questions on Electrical engineering knowing that I have work exp of around 16 months in IT .They asked me 3 questions and I couldn’t answer any of them.
Then the other interviewer asked questions like What is the affect of technology in the life of a common man and why there is unemployment in India .I gave him various examples .He agreed to a few and disagreed to many. He tired to put pressure by telling me that I am wrong and showing no interest .I maintained my calm and smiled all the time  🙂

Q5. How has IdeasMakeMarket helped you in your preparation? Would you recommend it to other users?

IMM  helped us a lot. We had a lot of mock discussions on varied topics . After that, Abhirup sir would give insights and feedback to us. For interview and SOP also, he helped us individually and before going for the final interview I was quite confident. All thanks to Abhirup sir for constant support and encouragement .

I would definitely recommend IMM CD PI preparation course to others.

Q6. Besides studies, what other interests you have.

I have intense interest in Swimming and I am also passionate about hiking and photography. I also like watching Comedy sitcoms when I am free.

Q7. What is your career plan in the long run?

After completing my MBA, I would be certainly joining an MNC. I see myself in a position of leadership as part of top management in the long run.

We wish you the very best for your future !

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