IMM has given me able mentors, Radhika Garg NMIMS 2016-18

Interview with Radhika Garg

NMIMS Rank : Core 170, HR 324

Firstly, congratulations on your converting the call to NMIMS. Our readers would like to hear something about your background?

I am an Electronics and Communications Engineer. I have done my B.Tech from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology Noida. I have 1.8 years experience  in the IT industry as Systems Engineer. I have worked for Infosys and its subsidiary Edgeverve in the domain of Finacle ( A universal banking tool ).

“Why MBA” must be a common question doing the rounds these days. What was your reason for pursuing MBA?

I wish to pursue MBA for the following reasons-

  1. MBA definitely gives you an edge. For Eg. In my organisation right from systems engineer to Technology Lead all are engineers. Higher job level means higher experience in IT. An MBA not only assists you in moving up the professional ladder but also makes you more qualified than your subordinates.
  2. MBA is like a personality development program. It is an added qualification that grooms you not only to make you a better decision maker but also to make you a smart and swift professional.

Tell us something about your preparation strategy. What would you suggest future aspirants regarding the same?

I used to study for 3 hrs every day after office. For NMAT, I bought the NMAT guide and did it 3-4 times. There is a wordlist given in it which should be on your tips. Apart from that I wrote 10 mocks for NMAT so that I can crack the paper in one go. 5 are available in the book and on websites like Bulls Eye one can get 2-3 free mocks.

Tell us something about your Case Discussion / PI experience?

Case Discussion and PI were conducted in a very professional manner.

CD (CORE) – Topic (Inadequate monsoons putting  pressure on banks to provide loans to the farmers)

I gave 3 points and summarized the CD.

PI (CORE)- General questions and discussion about my work experience and my hobby reading.

CD (HR) – Topic (A bus had an accident there were 10 people given, we had to rank them in the order they should be saved )

I started the CD, gave 10-15 points and summarized the CD.

PI (HR)- General questions and discussion about my work experience .Questions about my family background, Organizational behaviour and HR policies in my company.

How has IdeasMakeMarket helped you in your preparation? Would you recommend it to other users?

IMM has given me able mentors like Anuradha and Abhirup. The CDPI cracker program which they have is very well structured and conducted in a very professional manner. We had about 20 case discussions covering possibly domains and types. My performance in these case discussions gave me an immense confidence to put across valid points in my final CD. The PI’s were also very similar to the ones conducted by Abhirup. The mentors here are always available to guide you. The learning I received in this course made my CDPI process a smooth one.

Besides studies, what other interests you have.

I like reading about companies and startups. Apart from that I like abstract sketching. I am a nature lover too.

What is your career plan in the long run?

Finance really intrigues me. So I wish to pursue my interest in Finance and be a successful fund manager.

We wish you the very best !

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