The following was my experience last year at NMIMS , Mumbai:

  1. Group Size- 9 people (5 Males and 4 Females)
  2. Balance between people with work experience and freshers
  3. Half a page long case
  4. 3 member panel: Their only uttered “Start” at the beginning and “Thank you” at the end of the discussion. They would not interrupt even if it a fish market. They would silently observe your behavior and keep jotting down points. Scary!
  5. 5 minutes to think on the case and 12 minutes for discussion
  6. Held in a classroom with a semicircular seating arrangement facing the panel
  7. Before the discussion, we had ample wait. That time was used by us to break the ice and understand each other’s background.

The case is based on an early morning in Mumbai where a local train has been derailed. The derailment has created havoc. All trains on that particular route are running late as well. The case also mentioned that there are students who have their Board exams and people who have important meetings. You are the Manager of the Railways.Analyse the situation and come up with an Action plan. You also need to communicate the same to your team and supervise them.

  1. The case was initiated by a female who introduced the case highlighting the facts of the case.
  2. She spoke for 20 seconds or so and she was interrupted. Another spoke and was bluntly abrupted.
  3. This continued for a while, then one of the participants assumed the role of a moderator. She tried to put the team together and maintain decorum.
  4. I made a total of 3 entries in the discussion.
  5. After 8 minutes or so, almost all the points were exhausted
  6. The last 5 minutes were used by participants to summarize the discussion highlighting the key points of the action plan.

My Content and Strategy:

  • Made a total of 3 entries. Ensured that when I am talking I am being heard. This is possible only enough one makes a different point, directing the GD towards a new direction.
  • Considering how important local is for the Mumbaikars, the derailment of a train would impact them adversely. This was known to everybody. I attempted to analyse the situation from a different perspective using the PESTEL analysis. PESTEL frameworks works really well in any case based discussion and helps you to stand out.
  • I pitched this in when all participants started repeating their points and there was no new perspective being added to the discussion. Perfect time to look at the case from different angles.
  • Mentioned two incidents of rail derailment from the past and what subsequent actions were taken

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