Optimizing Digital Customer Experience through Digital Marketing

At present time if any company doesn’t have its website up to date or it is not engaging itself in Search Engine Optimization, any Search Engine Marketing strategy or Content Marketing then it may lack behind in this pace to reach to consumer’s mind.  As many companies are buying into the hype of various buzz words whatever they see on social media or online. Digital platform allows a company to have something for everybody and use the data about any individual in a particular moment on search term what he uses, from where he has been looking on your website, the social engagement he has with your brand so that the company can categorize them differently to have something for each of the customer like him means it can create a range of offers and content. Therefore it could mean having hundred things, hundred content objects, and one lakh different variants of company’s offers instead of just having 2 or 10 things that the company is pushing out.


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But in this pace of reaching to consumer’s or client’s mind companies are facing challenges in digital marketing. First challenge is with starting with data and discovery to have an integrated customer-data warehouse. It takes years to put together and it’s very hard also. Because when company is putting it together, things are going to keep moving. Second is to getting people to work together because consumers are going to touch your mobile site, use their laptop, talk to somebody over the phone, and go into a store means they are on cross channel journey.  Third is working through what it takes to test and learn. As companies feel lack of budget to do that many variations of a web landing page or difficulty in getting approvals that fast through compliance and legal folks.

The basic solution of these challenges is small-scale pilots for small geography, a specific segment of customers, a few products. Companies should start with a test and learn to improve things within that. Then understanding challenges, formulating policies, processes with the available data are the next stages. Companies should have the ability to get people to work together and acknowledge the fact that these channels are all going to have different roles. It just needs to have attitude and leadership to get through to learn and test.

The biggest mistake companies do in digital marketing is lack of an organized cohesive strategy. First of all Companies should understand their marketplace, competitors, geographical boundaries, customer demographics, existing distribution channels, trends in markets. Then companies should define their marketing objectives then spend money wisely especially if you are on a limited budget like prefer Pay Per Click over Social Media if you need direct response for success. Different companies of different shapes, sizes, and budgets have the same expectations of immediate results from digital marketing. Digital campaigns also take time to be developed, optimized, and improved. So companies need to be patient and give sufficient time to campaigns to develop.  Companies should panic and try to change your strategy just because it is not seeing the results in 1 or to 2 days.

Therefore companies should take care of all these things while they are going for digital marketing otherwise it may cause huge loss of investment, valuable time and an opportunity.


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