Salesforce, the cloud-based CRM giant has recently launched a new version of its highly acclaimed Marketing Cloud with the inclusion of a new Journey Builder that permits marketers to customize their interaction with customers using real-time behavioral feedback. Marketing Cloud is one of the leading products in the portfolio of Salesforce that acts as a platform for marketers to create and manage effectively their relationships with customers. The Journey Builder update enables marketers to customize their marketing campaigns so that they better address the requirements of the customers based on their behavior, requirements, demographics and preferences regarding the communication channels.

Triggers Driven By Events

One of the new features of the new version is the event-based trigger that is capable of communicating with customers upon an event happening, such as membership of a loyalty program or even downloading of a smartphone app. Messaging to the customer can happen via any communication channel of preference. Modification of customer data can also be done automatically by the triggers or decision-splits may be set up in reaction to how a client is behaving in real-time. This could be a customer filling a shopping cart and then abandoning it or filling up an online form expressing interest in a product. The Marketing Cloud can even decide whether it is preferable to send a text message, an email or even if it is appropriate open a customer-service case. With Salesforcechangesets it is now extremely convenient for developers to share customization between organizations.

Intelligent Automation Technology

Journey builder has the capability of mapping several scenarios that could exist when a contact center closes a customer service request. The Marketing Cloud sends an email to the customer with a satisfaction survey that will indicate if the customer was happy with the conclusion of the transaction. Conventionally, the case terminates without the marketer coming to know of the satisfaction quotient if the survey goes un-replied but Marketing Cloud recognizes that to be an event and after a certain period has elapsed, it could prompt the sending of a text message to the customer’s phone. If the customer reports that he was not satisfied, then a new customer service case can be opened in the Service Cloud for follow-up by an agent.

Sales and Service Cloud Integration

In Salesforce CRM, the Sales and Service Clouds are now connected to the Marketing Cloud so that customers are not bothered by various groups within the marketing organization contacting them for essentially the same issue. Removal of this irritant translates to a unified experience for customers who delight in the knowledge that one simple query will not lead to several contacts each only bothered about a single dimension. Such seamlesscustomer experiences are the hallmark of taxi services such as Uber that has managed service unification to remarkable degree. What’s more, it is not only digital communication that get unified but telephonic calls from the sales or call center even. What the marketing cloud really attempts to do is to integrate marketing, sales and service to such an extent that the customer can no longer differentiate between them. Customer dissatisfaction or even satisfaction can be triggers leading to further action by the marketer.

Making Possible More Dynamic Customer Engagement

According to Scott McCorkle, Salesforce Marketing Cloud CEO, the improved functionality of Marketing Cloud represents an unprecedented opportunity for marketers to engage customers throughout their interaction with the company. Marketing Cloud is a unique solution that assists companies to take appropriate action by accessing data arising from customer interaction so that the organization is uniquely placed to deliver the most relevant content on the most appropriate channel and at the right time. Additionally, the revamping of Active Audiences permits marketers to leverage targeting of advertisements across all social media platforms in the most relevant manner.

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