NIVEA’s CSR: Mom’s Touch


NIVEA products are trusted by families around the world to take the best care of their skin. The heart of the brand is care and one way or the other NIVEA has given new definition of care.  In 2013, NIVEA took care to the next level after launching “NIVEA cares for family” across globe whether empowering mothers, creating opportunities for families and building competencies for children. In Mumbai, a new CSR initiative was launched by NIVEA “Mom’s Touch”. The aim was to strengthen families by empowering mothers and provide them a helping hand to raise her child/s. Mom’s Touch is an initiative to salute mothers who sacrifice and endure immense hardships to ensure their children should go school regularly.

In Indian urban areas, there are several families without enough resources, who struggle to earn a livelihood, and children are forced to give up their education and become child labours to earn money. The backbone of such families are “Super Moms” who work day and night to ensure that their children must go to school and motivate them to complete their education for a better tomorrow. Mom’s touch was launched with an aim to help such mothers who sacrificed that money and make sure their children should go to school. NIVEA celebrates the efforts of such mothers and project them as role models in their society. With this initiative, NIVEA also supports them for monthly household groceries for their families. This initiative was launched in Mumbai in association with Aseema Charitable Trust. More than 90 students from Santacruz Municipal School, Mumbai were selected in the 1st phase and their mom’s were felicitated with 3 months‘ration (food grains) by NIVEA. Aftermath of this initiative was a significant increase in attendance level and this initiative has been extended to 400 families. After successful and positive impact of Mom’s Touch in Mumbai, the initiative is progressed towards Gujarat. In Gujarat, NIVEA has partnered with Saath, a public charitable trust to cater to families living in the slums in and around Behrampura area in Ahmedabad city.

In order to help many such moms, NIVEA has rolled out a digital film to support its CSR program. The film looks at the sacrifices mothers make in order to give their children a better tomorrow. The film features children of extra ordinary mom’s expressing their gratitude and narrating their stories of sacrifices made by their mothers in order to send them school every day. The film narrates NIVEA’s initiative to salute such extraordinary mothers and to support them with monthly groceries for their households. And the film ends with information on how the audience can chip in.

This initiative is quite a big step taken by NIVEA and much appreciated one. For once, a women’s beauty brand is celebrating inner strength of the women and not talking about physical beauty. NIVEA’s CSR program deserves applause and we hope that NIVEA will succeed in making the powerful impact, and will change lives in a better way.

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