4 Ads that highlight the beauty of nature

There are some print ADs that simply steal your breath away, more so when they depict nature in a way that is rarely seen.

Here’s a look at 4 such campaigns that steal your breath away !

Campaign 1: Romantic FM


The beauty of this AD lies in the fact that it focuses on creating an universal appeal set in the climax of a jungle with a fox dating a hen, simply brilliant conceptualization.

Campaign 2: Nature Fights Back

Nature fights back

The penguins are up in arms to protect nature. Simply brilliant to say the least.

Campaign 3: Skoda


Skoda does pull it off in this truly amazing campaign about blending into the nature. What is more interesting to note is an automobile company trying to harmoniously make a point that it is humans who need to adapt and not nature. One of the best ads on nature from one of the leading polluters, err…. automobile manufacturer.

Campaign 4: WWF


This campaign by WWF just rules the charts, in what can be described as the most perfect depiction of nature.

Let us know any Print AD on nature that we missed out and should have been there in your comments. We look forward to hear from you.

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