The Prime Minister who will change India

There have been many critics of our Prime Minister Mr. Modi. In the aftermath of the post Godhra riots, Mr. Modi had come under stiff criticism from both domestic and international elements. However, his achievements as an administrator first as Chief Minister of Gujarat and now as the Prime Minister of India , itself speaks volumes of the man.

Born in a family with few resources to spare, Mr. Modi made his humble beginnings as a tea seller. Today, that very tea seller is the Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the planet. Does it not ring any bell?

There have been many Prime Ministers before as well , but none with such humble beginnings. Let us look at what have been his three key achievements so far:

  1. Foreign Policy: Modi has been a show stopper here. Whether addressing the massive gathering at Madison Square, meeting the Japanese Premier or negotiating with the Chinese President, Modi has once again shown why he is the right person for the job.
  2. Financial Inclusion: The really amazing story of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna is certain to become a Harvard case study in future. Has anyone ever undertaken such a massive program of financial inclusion for more than 125 crore people? The success of this program will open up doors to many more things including perhaps unlocking the true meaning of empowerment
  3. Startup & Manufacturing: Arguably Prime Minister Modi’s biggest contribution to the Indian Economy, this will change the way our economy is run in decades to come. Why?

It is a pity that despite being a country of over 120 crores, a vastly talented and cheap labour pool, we still import most of our capital goods. This not only creates a strain on our Forex Reserves but also widens our Current Account Deficit. The Make In India Campaign is one such initiative which will make manufacturers setup operations in India and help it compete with China as a global manufacturing hub. This can be the distinguishing factor of India’s super power dreams.

Another important factor he has worked is on encouraging entrepreneurship by setting up first the 10,000 crore startup fund and now the upcoming Mudra Bank. Clearly, Mr. Modi is on a mission to define what India will be in a coming decade. His dream is to not create one silicon valley , but multiple silicon valleys in India. India has the potential to produce many other Flipkarts & Snapdeals . This is perhaps the gift for which the country will remember him even 50 years from today, and maybe his true legacy.

Now, if we once again recollect his humble beginnings, it tells each of us one simple story- That if we have a strong character and dedication , we can achieve anything including occupying the highest office in a country. This clearly is a story that should inspire generations to come. It definitely inspires me. Does it inspire you?

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