The 70 crore re-branding : The Frooti Life Campaign

Parle recently launched the all new Frooti – It’s iconic brand in an all new avatar. For this purpose, Parle had hired Sagmeister & Weish to design its new campaign for targeting the youths. The reality, though, is it really worth it?

Frooti is more like a legacy brand in the same league as Maggi. In fact the name Frooti is often used as a generic for any mango based juice, much like Maggi for noodles and Cadbury for chocolates. To tamper with such a brand’s image and positioning is a very gutsy move and needs to be explored further if it is actually worth it. The marketing spends for this repositioning is in the tune of INR 70 crores and Parle Agro has hired design and creative agencies Pentagram for creating the new packaging and Sagmeister & Weish for designing the summer campaign.

The campaign titled “The Frooti Life” was recently launched to mark the new branding initiatives along with a TV campaign featuring Shahrukh Khan. But at 45+, is he really the youth icon that India looks at in the age of Kohlis & Sharmas & Kapoors ? Maybe, just as Rahul Gandhi can be.

If Frooti was so keen on targeting the youth, should it not have focused on creating a new brand like Mango Fizz on the lines of Appy Fizz or extended the brand by launching Frooti Fizz – The carbonated version of Frooti. Surely, it would have been more appealing to the youth of this country.

It would have been wonderful if they had retained the original logo. Loyalists, like me, would miss it! And on a personal note, I feel Frooti went a bit too far by tampering the logo.

We hope “The Frooti Life ” campaign becomes a resounding success, but it is best for the consumers to decide whether the INR 70 crores of Parle Agro just went down the drains or indeed created inroads in the youth market. Here’s the campaign. Do watch it and share your views:

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