Interview with Shubhadeep Basak, Feb 2015 CMAT AIR 6

We recently caught up with Shubhadeep Basak, AIR 6 in February CMAT and tried to unlock the keys to his success.

1. Please provide a brief about your background

I am an Electrical Engineer from Government College of Engineering Amravati, Maharashtra. I am a Gold Medalist of my batch. I have a good academic record in my 12th and 10th standards. Multi-tasking is my strength. Alongwith studies, I have been able to manage my extracurricular activities effectively. I belong to a well-educated family. My parents are doctors. My hobbies are singing, reading books and traveling.

2. How does it feel to be one of the CMAT toppers? Did you expect this result?

It feels simply awesome to be one of the CMAT toppers. I had worked hard since May 2014 for all the management entrance exams. And finally, I have tasted success in this CMAT.

Shubhadeep Basak, AIR 6, Feb 2015 CMAT

3. What was your strategy while preparing for CMAT? 

Since I had appeared for Feb CMAT 14, I already got a feel of the question pattern. For me, GA was the toughest part because CMAT’s GA is the most unpredictable. So, I aimed at maximizing my marks in it. Out of 25 questions, 10 are doable. For GA, I had studied Manorama’s yearbook. I also read newspapers. For QT and DI, I had followed Quantum CAT by Sarvesh K. Verma. I had used ‘Six weeks to words of Power’ by Wilfred Funk for increasing my vocabulary. I also referred to ‘English Grammar and Composition’ by Rajendra Pal and Prem Lata Suri and ‘How to prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT’ by Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay. I also took mock tests and analyzed them.

4. How did you manage your time on the day of exam? What was your strategy?

I had a pre-determined strategy for time management. In the first round, I devoted about 45 minutes for QTDI and 1 hour for LC+LR. For GA, I gave 15 minutes. I devoted the remaining 1 hour for solving extra questions of QTDI, LC and LR. The golden rule here is GA must be given the least possible time because we either know the answer or don’t. So, I think it is never advisable to spend a huge time on GA.



5. Who / What do you attribute your success to?

First of all, I attribute the success to my parents and my hard work. My friends too, have played a huge role in my success. Also, I must mention the various faculties who were always present whenever I had a doubt. I even got my doubts cleared by them many times over telephone.

6. What will be your advice to future CMAT takers?

My advice to all future CMAT takers is-“Please start preparing GA from now onwards. This is the section which can make or break your chances. It will be good to join a coaching institute as it gives you some guidance and huge amount of study material for practice. As you have got 3 hours, time management will not be a problem. Don’t get emotionally attached to a question, move on if you cannot solve it. And finally, believe in yourself   !!

7. What are the other calls / converts you are having?

I have converted SCMHRD’s MBA, FORE New Delhi’s PGDM(IB), SIBM’s I&E and NMIMS Mumbai’s MBA HR programmes. I am waitlisted for NMIMS Mumbai’s MBA core and SIBM’s MBA course. My other calls are GIM, TAPMI, LIBA and KJ Somaiya. With this CMAT score, I am also expecting to convert Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education.

8. What are your future plans?

My short-term plan is to complete my MBA, work for an organization to get hands-on training in management and be a part of the middle-level management team. My long-term plan is to set up my own business venture.

We wish you the very best in your journey !


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I wonder why you have not got the opportunities from CAT top colleges like MDI, IMT G etc Also XLRI.. Anywayz Best of Luck.

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