Empowering Youth – 3 Step Mantra | Rakesh K Menon | TEDxNMIMSBangalore 2015

The talk provides solutions to the multitude of problems found in the Indian education system; problems related to the high dropout rates due to conventional mindsets present in our society, accessibility issues and a huge faculty crunch. Vocational education integrated with content creation, delivery and identification of employment opportunities is what can serve as a means to bridge the gap between education and employment and thereby improve the standard of living in our society.

Rakesh K Menon has over 2 decades of professional experience, during his formative contributing years at NIIT he learnt the nuances of Vocational Educational sector and thereafter was exposed to implementation of scalable technologies under Telecom and Broadband ventures of Tata and Reliance for a decade. He is an alumnus of St Stephens College, Delhi and a post graduate in management.

Rakesh seeks to develop technology enabled scalable solutions to facilitate industry relevant curriculums, quality standards of delivery and latest placement methodologies all converging to enhance employability

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