Xpressions’14 , XIMB B-school Fest

ExpressionsXpressions has always been the most awaited event in the diary of an XIMBian. Xpressions’14 conducted from 7th to 9th November just got bigger and better. With umpteen events, both online and on-spot, Xpressions’14 saw an enthusiastic participation from about 4026 participants and 196 colleges pan-India.

The theme for Xpressions was “Metamorphosis” illustrating transformation from one form to another. XIMB, with its 27 years of excellence has now metamorphosed into a magnanimous university. The entire campus was adorned with colourful umbrellas and glass bottles.

There were 2 major events organized as a prelude to Xpressions’14 – X-Athon and X-Pallavan. X-Athon was a 10km marathon organized to promote healthy living and X-Pallavan which was a mass tree plantation program. These events created a lot of buzz and set the mood for Xpressions’14. Here are some highlights from the 3-day extravaganza:

•There were about 33 events with over 11 new events in the 2014 edition of Xpressions

•Exclusive events for alumni were organized - EnigmaX which was an online corporate treasure hunt and Prayag which showcased the performances by Ability Unlimited Foundation

•The traditional game committees Kurukshetra, Gladiator, Skill City, Helios and Spardha tested the participants’ speed, skill and wit in multiple scenarios across different levels

•A number of business events were organized by the functional committees – “M-Power” a case-study competition by MAXIM, “Case-in-Point” organized by XIMAHR, “Trade Wars” a virtual stock market trading game organized by X-FIN, “Nirnay” organized by X-OPS, “Maven” the flagship event of CONSTRAT, “Case Connect” conducted by X-SYS

•A plethora of events were arranged by the interest committees. SpeakUp organized a parliamentary styled debate “XANSAD”, LitSoc organized “Flight of Fancy”, Spicmacay XIMB’s chapter hosted “Viraasat” which had competitions for classical music, dance and instruments, Paint@XIMB (painting competition) and Pratibimbh (a face painting competiton), X-Stage came up with competitions based on contemporary themes –Thirkan (dance), Goonj (solo singing), Aaghaaz (Nukkad Natak) and Decibelz (battle of bands), the budding club X-Lens conducted an online photography contest “Xpress”.

•The celebrity night had Coke Studio with Amit Trivedi and his band as star performers which was the first time ever in East India. They got the entire audience humming and tapping as they transcended across a number of musical genres, rhythms and melodies. The night captivated and enthralled a crowd of about 15000

•Among the other event the captivated the audience through the nights were Carnival de Vogue, a fashion show organized by X-Stage which was judged by Miss Shilpa Reddy and VH1 SuperSonic hosted by Gurbax which got the crowd grooving to the funky mixes and beats

•The 3 day event was captured by Dream Diaries and featured on MTV Campus Diaries.

The 17th edition of Xpressions proved to be unique in a way more than one. Its memories shall be reminisced and cherished for a lifetime!


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