Selfie with Modi- Is it too late?

panarendra_modi2201307060724528891910The two words that have been buzzing and trending everywhere these days are Narendra Modi and Selfie and when you combine these two, it is undoubtedly going to click a chord with the audience.

In BJP’s latest stint to woo voters, they have come up with an innovative marketing campaign, making an attempt to get maximum from their most successful and powerful face and the Brand ambassador, Narendra Modi.

BJP have installed as many as 2500 “Selfie with Modi” booths across Delhi for all the Delhites to and have a virtual selfie with Modi, BJP kick started the event with Amit Shah clicking a picture in Khan market. It was immediately followed by Modi fans or other wise Delhites, queuing up in front of booths to become a part of this campaign. Once this picture was clicked, it was either Whatsaaped or emailed to them.

BJP has been very successful in re-branding itself and it’s image in last couple of years and one cannot deny Piyush Pandey and his creative team at Ogilvy’s efforts in changing BJP’s image in the mind of voters. They have done a remarkable job in coming with some great and effective campaigns which made the country talk about only one thing during elections, Narendra Modi and chant only onenara, ‘Ab ki baar, Modi Sarkaar’.

Narendra Modi’s rallies in the states before the elections have already given great results to BJP as they have almost won with clear majority in all the state elections. But this wasn’t turning to be the case in Delhi, where they were facing stiff competition from AAP. This could not come at any time better, since neither BJP nor it’s chief ministerial candidate, Kiran Bedi had been able to impress their voters. Though the results of the opinion polls signify that BJP were not much behind AAP, yet statistically they were the number second choice to take Delhi’s command.

Even though this new act has received a reasonably good response from youth, how would this affect the results would be only visible once the results for the elections would be out.

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