Domination, Newsletter – DOMS, IIT Roorkee Jan 2015


Dear Readers,

We hope you all enjoyed our previous edition. As the freezing chill of winter is passing and cool breeze of spring is coming along, we bring you another thought provoking edition of DoMination.

This edition features a number of articles from a diverse range of topics such as Governance, Marketing and Economy. The cover story for this edition is titled “Branded Governments”, written by Mr Vikrant Kanwar. It gives us an insight on how the Government in many countries is coming together with corporate houses for the benefit of citizen on various social fronts. The Perspective section of this month’s domination is titled“How Burger King can mount a challenge on McDonalds”. This article is written by Ms Urvi Mishra and she discusses the various strategies Burger King can adopt to surpass McDonalds in the market.

DoMination is never short of the fun quotient. This edition features our next round of quiz to test your grey cells. We also have a Fun Cartoon by Nitin Aggarwal under the chlorophyll section. DoMS, IIT Roorkee organized the Coral Jubilee Meet for the 1980, IIT Roorkee batch wherein alumni from the 1980 batch interacted with students of DoMS. We have a report on the event including parts of speeches by some of our esteemed guests. It is written and compiled by Mr Karan Sharma.

It is always good to back to our alumni, listen to their experiences learn from their journey; the current edition has an interview of Mr. Sameer Sachdeva (DOMS, IIT Roorkee, Batch of 2001), taken by Ms KarishmaManik. Sameer currently works with the Govt. of India. The edition also includes the success story of Mr Advitiya Sharma, Co-founder of, written by Mr Kapil Gupta. We finish this month’s DoMination with an article titled “Changing Economic Scenario in India” written by Mr Ashutosh Puri. Ashutosh has talked about the impacts of New Government on the Indian Economy and RBI’s role in maintaining the growth.

We hope you will like the present edition of DoMination. Your thoughts and feedback are always welcomed and appreciated. Feel free to write to us your inputs. Happy Reading.

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