Dance and Human Potential | Padmini Ravi | TEDxNMIMSBangalore 2015

The talk describes the experience a dancer goes through while performing and illustrates the concept of suspension of disbelief. The short piece Padmini performs, emulates Lord Krishna and Bhagavad Gita. She addresses deep questions like what vedas are talking about, what answers do they hold and what is the essence of humans.

Padmini Ravi is an exponent of the ancient craft of Bharatanatyam in Bangalore, a performer and teacher, forever revealing a new dimension to dance. She has trained over 500 students internationally and the relationships shared along the journey exposed the various elements of dance that did not fall as a part of mainstream training. Being the recipient of the Sangeetha Nritya Academy Award as well as the State Rajyotsava Award for her contribution to the field of dance Padmini’s name is synonymous with innovation, integrity and quality.

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