Fun @ Melange’15

Melange is the annual management-cultural festival organized by the students of the K.J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research (SIMSR). Melange provides a platform for all the specializations/verticals in management to collaborate and bring together a great mix of events. The participants not only experience the management events but also the fun part of Melange as we have a combination of informal, cultural and management events.

This year Melange has lots of fun activities to unfold for you. A perfect blend of management, cultural and informal activities for 3 days. You can enjoy-

1. Rappelling

The adventure of descending down a rock, relying 100% on the equipment, is called rappelling. Like rock climbing, rappelling in SIMSR will be great fun. Geared with the right equipment, you can double up the joy of this adventure. The rope runs through a mechanical device, and a safety belay is used in all rappelling activities.

2. Karaoke

Karaoke is where music is a song minus the lead vocal. Melange invites you to come join us for our thrilling Karaoke event. The stage will be set, the song will be on so sing to your hearts elation and perform like a rockstar, get on the stage and prepare for the world to see you for the star you are.

3. Paint Ball

Melange presents the most adventurous and challenging experience by presenting Paintball in SIMSR. Paintball gives you the chance of experiencing a real life war scenario. Hide behind the defenses or tear across the field with the gun in hand, the choice is yours to make. You could be a cop or the bad guy, the ultimate goal is to wipe out the enemy and establish victory! So put on your best game face and confront the final frontier.

4. TEDxGateway

TEDxGateway is an independently organized TED event operated under license from TED. It is oriented at developing a community of like-minded highly informed and engaged innovators, designers, thinkers, technologists and environmentally and socially concerned individuals in India's biggest metro – Mumbai. The inaugural of Melange will feature an eminent speaker to share unique ideas from India and all around the globe.

5. Salsa Workshop

When was the last time you went dancing? Bouncing your head to one beat all night doesn’t count. We are talking about the real deal, the stuff movies are made off, where you spend the evening holding your partner’s hand, not your glass. So put on your shoes at Melange and salsa your way into the world of dancing.

6. Photography Competition

What is the most exciting thing you have done in your life? Share it with Melange. Send your best shot to participate in our photography competition to win exciting prizes!

7. Photobooth

Photo booths are such a great addition to any celebration, a real focal point and something that will get you all talking and having fun together! Come; get a photograph clicked at Melange.

8. SAP Workshop

SAP technology is for many things like in-memory computing, enterprise mobility, analytics, database, and the cloud. Enhance your skills by attending hands-on workshops, demo-driven lectures, and Q&A sessions on the latest developments in SAP at Melange !


Let’s take gaming to the next generation. From driving sport cars to shooting, you’ll find it all on the screen and the outcome will change with just a click. Bring your passion with craziness and join us at Melange. If you are a true fanatic then prove us.

The countdown, for the biggest party of the year, has begun. Be ready to have a blast!!!

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