Walk the talk with a serial Entrepreneur- Sanketh YS

Interview with Sanketh YS, entrepreneur and founder of six start-ups and an NGO

Q1. Firstly, a very warm welcome from Ideasmakemarket.com team. You have been a person not only chasing dreams but living them. Please tell us something about you and your journey so far.

In 2005, when I was in 5th grade: after a workshop I decided to do something different which others haven’t. But I had no concrete idea. In the same year I had an inception to start an NGO. In 2008, I asked few of my friends and teachers to support me in this endeavour. None of them did and moreover discouraged me to do so. But the fire of passion did not diminish with time. Finally on 24th October 2012, I started a NGO – Shushrooshaa alone. They all said it would be a tough path and discouraged me with various set of reasons. For the next six months I was handling it alone, visiting various other orphanages and old age homes. Prior to this, I had had an idea of starting a company of my own. I wanted some funds for running the NGO and then thought this was also the right time to start my company. But I needed capital to start the company. Thus, Libmyth was born and all the other start-ups. All these start-ups were born because of my own needs.

Q2. You are the founder of Libmyth, digital collaborative community. Apart from your love for writing, what drove you to initiate this start-up?

In 2008, I wanted to publish my book and so approached few publishers. Everyone said no because I was young and had no prior experience. I realised that there are many people in the same situation. Even my articles were published in newspapers but only few times. So, I decided to start Libmyth.

As, I did a small survey according to which publishers do not like to publish a book authored by a person with no prior experience and also deter publishing of simple articles. Hence, we at Libmyth publish both Articles and Books.
Anyone can upload their work; it is a platform for other media agencies to select the article as per the requirement. It is a platform which gives exposure to writers so that they do not face a problem which I faced. We are in talks with paperback publishers and once they agree we will publish hard cover books too.

Q3. Your ideas have been concerning different target audiences. Please tell us something about your different ideas which took the form of distinct start-ups.

I keep on ideating to make a new conception or to add a better feature to an existing one. I believe that ideas should be backed by passion and so in my case they are chosen as start-ups. Few ideas need huge budget and those are saved for implementation in the long run. The rest are here:

Libmyth is a digital collaborative community where you can read, write and publish your writings maybe in a short note or bundled expressions as a book. Social Scientists is a group of our start-ups and a powerhouse which supports the young start-ups in what they need, helping them grow with us.Happiness Returned is an initiative to create Happiness by inspiring people and making customised apparels to help fund their Dreams. I know the pain of getting funded for an NGO or a start-up and to recognise the works of artists so it was started. Book Building is a start up with an aim of making Books, education affordable and accessible to everyone. Rent, Exchange or Buys Books at the best price.Framed World is about photography, video production, graphic design and content development. We love what we do and Creativity is the key aspect to what we create. Conectado, started with the main aim to share the talent with less privileged group of People! As, I run a NGO I know how underprivileged lack exposure to almost everything. The Great Indian Debate is a debate platform, using which citizens can express their views on current national challenges. Tickets, yes please! is a platform for re-selling your tickets. You may have numerous reasons for not attending a movie, play, festival or an event but we provide you a place to re-sell it. Shutter Pixelizers is a platform for photographers.


Q4. Social Scientists helps nascent entrepreneurs build their brands. Where did you find the inspiration to start such a venture and also how you are going about it?

I founded 5 start ups and a NGO and in the initial stage where I needed some or the other help. I wanted to help new start-ups so that they don’t face similar problems and so that their journey is smoother and faster. I started advising them. I realised only advising won’t help much. Hence, Social Scientists was born. Social Scientists is made the umbrella name under which the other startups work.With the startup ecosystem in frenzy, we aim to bring structure and transparency in the early stage. We’re an online marketplace that connects startups with the much needed ecosystem and assorted responsiveness with offline meetups and events.

Q5 When you are not busy ideating, what are your hobbies and interests?

These ventures have started from my hobbies and interests. But apart from this I like to write, photograph and ride. I am writing two books now and have completed two. I like sharing experiences and advising. I go for guest lectures, as a judge in some contests and also as a chief guest. Apart from these, I have written three scripts for short movies and I am directing one now. I enjoy travelling for food.

Q6. How do you see the Indian entrepreneurial scene shaping up in the recent future?

There is lack of proper entrepreneurship in India; the term is overstated and repeated without being implemented well. There are several reasons which are given for the bottlenecks such as meagre funding, less developed ecosystem, etc. But lesser bureaucracy and good mentors in the recent times mean that the Indian entrepreneurial scene is improving. We need more entrepreneurs for the growth and development of India.

Q7. Being a millennial and an inspiring entrepreneur, what role do the entrepreneurs have in Indian growth story?

I believe entrepreneurs set immense goals and high standards for themselves. They stay committed to them and hence, in the process inspire a lot of people. Obstacles do come in their way but they steer clear of these problems. Also as per economists, entrepreneurs are the fourth indispensable factor of production and hence growth.

Q8. What has been your family’s influence in achieving so much at such a tender age?

My family has been the guiding light in most of my endeavours and can be said the driving force behind my will to succeed.

Q9. Please tell us more about Happiness Returned and Shutter Pixelizers.

Happiness Returned is an initiative to create Happiness by inspiring you and making customised apparels to help fund people’s dreams.

Students use this platform for extra pocket money and to have an amazing experience by joining us as Designers or Campus Ambassadors, by NGOs and start ups to raise funds and spread the word. It the best way to design & sell with zero upfront costs and zero risks involved.


1. Launch a campaign
2. Share with others’ and in your social networks.
3. Set a goal
4. Start your crowd funding through merchandising

Shutter Pixelizers is a platform for photographers and their photographs. Pictures, Showcasing, Appreciation, Deals, Selling and everything!

Q10. What are your short term and long term goals in life?
You will get to know about my goals in due course of time.

Q11. You have lead by examples and been an inspiration to many ambitious minds. What would be your advice for the young MBAs and entrepreneurs?

You might already be an entrepreneur but not be aware of it. If you have dreams and are willing to work for them, get started because there is fierce competition. You have several advantages such as higher autonomy, be the boss of your company and a high income potential. One can be overwhelmed by the sense of empowerment this gives you.

(Interviewed by Avishek Dutta)


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