The Road Ahead Post XAT

So XAT is finally done and dusted. A lot of questions, a lot of apprehensions are bound to follow post the exam. XAT is one exam where accuracy matters more than speed. Even a 20 percentage score in a section could place you in the 85+ percentile bracket. So, do not judge or assess yourself until the results come out.

So what next?
This is not the time where one can afford to be laid back; infact this is the time when one has to buck up and get his/her act right. So here a few pointers for the XLRI and XIMB calls you might be landing

Group Discussion

The topics for GDs can be abstract or anything from the current issues like Modi’s Made In India Campaign, Swacch Bharat etc
• Make sure you are well-read and updated about the current happenings. Best newspapers would be Business Standard and The Hindu. The editorials are very helpful as they help us understand the background of the issues and also help in shaping opinions
• There are some basic etiquettes to be followed during a GD like letting everyone speak, not being too loud and overpowering, not repeating the point once made. These are things which everyone one of us know but often overlook in the heat of the moment
• Use of examples and relevant statistics wherever possible for both abstract and current topics can help you gain an edge over others.
• Instances and anecdotes from personal life can be quoted depending on the context of the discussion


Personal Interview
The preparation for the personal interview can be an excellent opportunity for introspection and discovering our true-self. It is normally handled by the professors from the Institute and in rare cases experts from the industry. Here are a few pointers which might come handy for the PI

Pre-Interview Prep:
• Know everything about yourself from the meaning of your name, roots of your family to the problems faced personally or in or around your locality etc
• Prepare a timeline of your life with activities undertaken from schooling and highlight major achievements
• If you have prior work experience, tabulate all the projects you have worked on and highlight the special achievements if you have received any
• Choose atleast 2 or 3 favourite subjects from schooling and your undergraduate course. Revise the basics and give it an overview as technical questions and practical applications can be expected from the chosen subjects.
• Pick out atleast 3 hobbies that you’ve pursued and you are the best at. It can be as trivial as walking or hanging out but have a justification for how it helps you de-stress, what are the learnings from it, why its your favourite hobby etc
• Have opinions and your view-points on the current happenings in the world, country and your region. Try to look at both sides of the situation by debating with like-minded people, colleagues or watching shows like Devil’s Advocate, We The People etc
• Build a little understanding about which specialisation you would like to choose (Marketing, Finance, Operations, Systems, HR) and the reason behind it. Try to substantiate with instances from life which made you think that you are cut-out for them or built some curiosity
• Have a role model who inspired you to pursue this journey. It can be well-known personality, your mentor or anyone from your workplace or family. Try to draw similarities in the personalities or traits and explain how you can relate to him/her.

Interview Time:
• Have a good sleep the night before D-day. Do not get too stressed out hearing others’ experiences. For each, its their own.
• Treat the interview like a conversation with an old friend(s) and not as something that can make or break your life.
• Always have a smile on your face and be honest if you do not know something but show pro activeness and willingness to know and learn.
• Be as specific as possible when asked about long-term and short-term goals and where you would see yourself
• Last but definitely not the least, Keep Calm. There will always be things that we don’t know no matter how well-prepared we are. The panelists will try and attack the weaknesses once they spot it. The whole idea of it is not to test your knowledge but to see how you would withstand stress and maintain composure.

Hopefully all this helps with your preparation. All the best for the journey ahead.


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