MBA Prep Ebook : How to crack Group Discussions?

What is a Group Discussion? Where is it used?

A GD (Group Discussion) is a forum where people sit together; discuss a topic for a certain amount of time with the common objective of finding a solution for a problem or discussing an issue that is given to them.

Why are Group Discussions used as a part of the selection process? How are they useful?

Group Discussions measure certain attributes of the candidates that are otherwise difficult to identify and time consuming to assess. A number of people who can communicate their ideas well and discuss effectively with others in a one-to-one situation become tongue-tied in a group situation. They will just not be able to present their ideas or discuss their ideas with the other members of the group. A Group Discussion will identify people who have such group communication skills and people who do not possess such group communication skills.

What are the similarities / differences between Group Discussions and Public Speaking / Debating?

Debating and Public Speaking are one-to-many communication situations whereas a Group Discussion is a many-to-many situation. A debate, an elocution or a public speaking contest are solo performances whereas a Group Discussion is NOT. In a debate, it is your individual views that matter. In a Group Discussion, apart from your…

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