A glimpse into the Co-working world of StartHub Nation

StartHub Nation was started in August of 2014 by four friends with an aim for providing co-working space for firms where they could work together and share their ideas simultaneously. Co-working is currently not very well known in India. Mr. Parampreet singh Kalra, one of the founders of StartHub Nation, gives us a chance to discover more about Co-working and how StartHub Nation is doing it the right way.

Q1. Firstly, a very warm welcome from Ideasmakemarket.com team. StartHub Nation is not even 6 months old and you’ve already garnered a welcoming response. What was your motivation behind the creation of StartHub Nation?
Thank You first of all. While me and my co-founders were researching for the concept of co-working, we thought it will be a new concept for Mohali and Chandiagrh as there are people who aren’t even aware of it. So after all the market research and planning we though to give it a shot and it hit.

Q2. Co-working is still a new concept in India. How difficult was it to convince people of something whose benefits are still unknown to a lot of them?
We never had to convince people for co-working. We just explained them what it is and they were ready to step in. All we did was online promotion and discussions through word of mouth. We were surprised to see that people actually wanted something like that. Plus we decided to keep the prices low to start with which attracted startups towards us.

Q3. If I had my own Startup and I wanted to associate with you, what all services would be offered to me by StartHub Nation?
As a new startup, we provide you with all the basic furniture, leased line internet, electricity, lan and networking. You get access to meeting and conference rooms, a cafeteria and housekeeping. Basically all what you need to start with, but don’t have time to spend one. Also, we’re focussing on bringing in startup and mentorship events here now which will add to your exposure and knowledge while still a startup.

Q4. How have you funded your startup ? How do you intend to manage your future funding needs?
We have funded it from our other startup incomes and will do the same in future.

Q5.Currently, most of your clients are from IT sector. Are your services restricted to one single domain or diversity is welcome?
We’re having a new Real Estate startup with us which deals with local properties and one is a brain research institute which provides consultancy services. So we’re open to everyone who needs what we have.

Q6. A small insight on startups currently using your facility.
There are around 7-8 startups working with us. There’s a variety of skillset inside the work area from Website Development to Real estate startups to Brain Research ones. The following startups are working here currently:
 – Satnam Infosys
– Techkaleido
– eBraineo
– Netsake Solutions
– Home n Home
– White Featherz
 and there are many freelancers with various skills too.

Q7. What makes StartHub Nation stand out from its competitors?

There are a couple of competitors in the market but Starthub Nation provides cheapest services in terms of prices. We, the founders have our own startups hosted by Starthub Nation so we know what day to day problems are and how we solve them. Starthub Nation has excellent reviews and many freelancers who work from here. So startups have a great exposure and scope of development.

Q8. You are just 23 and you’ve already achieved so much. What has been the most influential factor in your much-deserved success?
I think age is no bar when you think you’re independent and need to achieve everything on your own. I think this is the basic idea. Next, just be a good listener to influential people keep trying things thinking you’re still young and there’s no fear of losing.

Q9.Life before StartHub Nation vs. life after it. Please share your views.
It’s actually a raise of our work culture and we feel it’s the best culture to work in. When you’re surrounded by similar people around you, your work efficiency increases and enjoy it. Work and Play is what we see here. All the startups celebrate festivals and events together which promotes socializing.

Q10. What are your future plans? Are you planning to have your operations in other cities as well?

Yes, we’re planning to expand in Chandigarh and Panchkula. Plus we’re also thinking to expand in the same building on the floor above us to accommodate people who love to work here. I see starthub nation as a famous name of tricity

Q11. Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Co. said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” How has your co-working experience been?
I think it’s the only best thing for a startup. Working individually, can make you prosper in your own skill but you do not get to know what the World is thinking and how your competitors are excelling.

Q12. If you were to list down the 10 Commandments of Co-Working, what would those be?

Not 10, but the best ones I can think of right now are:

– Take the best of coworking and indulge in everything
– Socialize more physically than virtually
– All work and No Play, makes Jack a dull boy
– Reach office early to see how people start their days.
– Gifting is the best way you can communicate with people.
– Outsource. It’s better than saying no to your client.

Q13. Finally, any particular incident at StartHub Nation that you would like to share with us.
I think I love how we solve problems in a co-working space. As a startup itself, we deal with many incidents daily and the additions that we make everyday to make Starthub Nation prosper.


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