Five things applicants must know- IIM A shortlist 2015

1. Preliminary Screening

Candidates must score the minimum cut-off ranks and Application Rating Scores as given in the table below:

CategoryVerbal percentile rankQuant percentile rankTotal PercentileAR
SC75 75 808.5
ST75 75 808.5

2. How AR is calculated

The AR score in the above point is calculated according to the following criteria:

Percent Score in 10th Std.Exam Rating Score A
>55 and <=602
>60 and <=703
>70 and <=804
>80 and <=907

Percent Score in 12th Std.Exam Rating Score B
>55 and <=602
>60 and <=703
>70 and <=804
>80 and <=907

Percent Score in GraduationExam Rating Score C
>55 and <=602
>60 and <=653
>65 and <=704
>70 and <=807

3.Weightage on Rating Score

Of these Rating Score A(Percent Score in Xth Class) is given 0.5 times weightage i.e. least weightage, Rating Score B(Percent Score in Xiith Score) is given 1.5 times weightage i.e. medium weightage and Rating Score C(Percent Score in Bachelor’s Degree) is given 2.5 times weightage i.e. highest weightage.

Rating Score A0.5
Rating Score B1.5
Rating Score C2.5

Hence , AR= 0.5 * Rating Score A+ 1.5 * Rating Score B+2.5*Rating Score C

4.Screening for Academic Writing Test (AWT) & Personal Interview (PI)

a) Top 50 or 1% of applicants to IIM Ahmedabad from each categories of academic disciplines short-listed for AWT-PI = 221
b) Merit list drawn and short listed for AWT-PI from the remaining candidates based on the CAT percentiles as per the following cut offs:
Minimum CAT percentile General category candidates : 99.67
Minimum CAT percentile NC-OBC category candidates: 96.42
Minimum CAT percentile SC category candidates : 90.68
Minimum CAT percentile ST category candidates : 81.10
Minimum CAT percentile DA category candidates : 86.76

5. Total calls extended for AWT and PI is as shown in the table below:

CategoryNo. of Candidates
SC 175
ST 56

Apart from these 10 GMAT candidates have been called for AWT-PI process.
Minimum GMAT percentile cut-offs for overseas students is 97.

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