How I converted call from FMS : Paresh Bhimani

FMS, the “Red Building of dreams” as it is also known as, is the dream B-school for any MBA aspirant to be in and so it was mine too, Only the thought of getting call from the college enthralled me, and getting converted it, was like the dream came true. This article is about my interview experience of FMS, what I think might help MBA aspirants.

Short-list declared on : 6th June 2014.
Interview slot: 26th June 11am.
The selection process: 2 minutes extempore + Interview
Selection criterion : CAT score(85 Marks) + Extempore (5 Marks) + Interview (10 Marks)

I reached FMS at 10:45 am on 26th June, It took 10 minutes for documents verification and in next 10 minutes, My name was announced for the interview
[Scene : I was in strict formal, Entered the room, There were 3 panelists: 2 Ma’am and 1 sir. They were screening my CV and my application form.] [sociallocker]

After entering the room I wished them, they wished me back and told me to sit.
Next moment, They told me the extempore topic is “The Boss” and I have two minutes to speak.
[The idea here is to check how diverse and out of box thinking ability of candidates] : I started to speak about office Boss, how he should be, ideal personality of boss, but the content didn’t last more than a minute, I thought for 5 second, and than started speaking about movie “Boss”, and as akki is my favourite actor, it helped me speak for one more minute.
And I felt satisfied with the attempt.

Then the actual interview started :
Sir: Tell me something about yourself
ME: Started speaking prepared answer, like about background, academics, interest, hobbies etc
Sir: Why do you want to join MBA, you can start your own business as you are Gujarati, and that is what they are famous for?
Me: Answered something regarding how MBA will help me achieve my goals, told them about my future plans and somehow they were convinced with my answer
Ma’am1: Do you follow politics ?
Me : (As the loksabha election was near and there was everywhere political reforms taking place I was somewhat happened to follow politics) I answered affirmatively
Ma’am2: So whom are you supporting ?
Me: (As happened to be Gujarati, and followed modi from years) I answered “BJP”  (No intention to promote any party!!!).
Ma’am2 : Why ? because of Narendra Modi and only because he is the CM of your state ?
ME: Answered , some achievements of Modi in Gujarat under his tenure and how he inspired me, and also how he is suitable candidate for the PM post.
(Somewhat tried to stick to my opinion )
Ma’am1: So okay. tell me. Do you read about economy. Can I ask you about?
Me : I was not sure of .. still told them . I will try to answer
Ma’am1: What is GDP and how it is important ?
Me: Answered somehow, As coming from Engineering background they may not have expected very detailed answer and satisfied with whatever I said
Ma’am2: Recent $ to Rs conversion value ?
(Lucky me, as I happened to read newspaper that morning only, and answered correctly)
Ma’am2 : Okay . .tell me how it changes , and what makes it change ? How it is counted ?
Me: tried to answer with some Import-Export business of country and something . . but at the last stumbled and told them, I am not sure, I think I will have to learn about it.
Sir: (laughing) You should have told this (that I don\’t know) at first only, instead of attempting it. (all smiled)

After a moment of thinking,
They wished me all the best and asked me leave or to ask if any question I have,
ME: Sir, May I know till when can I expect the result/short-list (As I was curious about the result)?
Sir: Very soon, Keep checking FMS website,
Me: Thank you, have a good day ahead.
(And I left the room)

The result declared on the night of 27th June .

Note : This year there is a little change in selection process : Personal interview + Group discussion + CAT score, In short instead of Extempore round there is GD round this time.

All the best !!


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